Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hounds Home For The Holidays

Hey, how about a little triple H before you attempt your yearly overdose on tryptophan? Frequent readers of this blog know the lasting gifts of the holidays are despair and mean know that Hounds Home for the Holidays is a long standing tradition here in the marbled halls of IM Central that we remember whenever we're sober enough (Hey, come on, it is the holidays after all) in which we spend a little extra time trying to find a couch for a deserving ex-racer.

And this year there are more than a few skinny dogs out there with their bags packed waiting for a cab, because as you probably know, the last track standing in Wisconsin is closing down. Further, as you may imagine in any endeavor involving the overlords this has occasioned no small amount of confusion regarding all sorts of issues, not the least of which is the number of greyhounds affected. Estimates range for 300 to 900 with several stops in between.

This should not surprise anyone. We mean, look who is in charge of the census. These are overlords folks. People who get it wrong two out of three times when you ask them how many beers are in a six pack. Truth is they just don't know how many dogs are in their charge, because heck, who counts? They come, they run, they go. What are we, their keepers or something? Do you know how many light bulbs you have in your house? How many tubes of tooth paste? Didn't think so.

The overlords are quick to remind us though, that because of their kind benevolence (and the law in Wisconsin) they will not be killing the dogs willy nilly.

Ellen Paulus of the Wisconsin chapter of Greyhound Pets of America. "Wisconsin law mandates that no dogs can be put to sleep in our state just because their racing careers are completed," she said. "Dogs have 3 options: transfer to another track and be killed there if they don't win, go into adoption programs, or be signed back [to] their owners who will either kill them or sell them for medical research."

It's all about what's best for the dogs people.

So, what we do know is that the overlords are about to dump beaucoup dogs on us either because they care so deeply for them, treat them as family and are concerned that they are protected and safe, or the dogs can't help make the trailer payment anymore, so phhhhhtt who cares? You decide.

Anyway, if you are so inclined there are several ways you can contact a rescue group in your area to help. Adoption is nice if you are in a position to provide a couch, but money is always appreciated because the dogs will come with all their injuries, illnesses and scars, both physical and emotional. Some will need massive amounts of TLC, and/or Veterinary expertise.

One thing that almost anyone can do with a little training is fostering. Short term needle nose nurturing has the benefit of getting the pooch out of the euthanasia system and into the adoption system, buying some time because the overlords' loving patience only lasts until the next bill comes due. And rent-a-parents aren't so bad when compared to kennel life are they Jay?

Jay is a real comic and ‘smiles’ with a full-tooth grin when he sees someone he likes. He has all the typical greyhound traits. He is outgoing and playful, and sleeps in the ‘cockroach’ position – on his back with his feet in the air. He also likes to shadow people and looks lovable when he wants his ears scratched. Sometimes Jay is a ‘collector’ and will gather his toys in the dog beds around the house. He knows when it’s his supper time and will remind you if you forget by dancing around to get your attention. Jay would do well in a working family home with well-mannered children. He is good with other dogs, and would probably be fine as an only dog. For more information about this dog, and other rescued racing greyhounds looking for homes, go here. If you don't know about the plight of racing greyhounds go here.


Jen Krebs said...

What better Thanksgiving Dinner appetizer could there be, than a tasty morsel from Ironicus Maximus?
Well, maybe the universal end of dog racing. But I never expect miracles (I just fervently hope for them).

Happy Thanksgiving to all at IM!!

Anonymous said...

Jan! The last time we saw your name it was involved with letter writing involving adoptions and John Parker?
I don't remember the name of the newsletter but you and John Parker seemed to try and keep people informed?
We are not sure if it did the trick, because, we still don't know where all those Greyhounds went and still do go and we still don't know whatever happened to thousands of them even though John Parker told Ironicus Maximus that he was "a liar"? Or a "bad prof"? No-one can really be bothered to look it up again as we never did like John Parker. And we are surprised that perhaps many of you did.
As for Thanksgiving, a "tasty morsel" from Ironicus Maximus might be a movie in the making. Now that is way more than an appetizer. But we all will just have to wait and see.
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you , too.
And just for the record, at Ironicus Maximus, we all do know miracles happen.

Anonymous said...

Oh man...thank God it's Thanksgiving. I have more than enough "pie" to go around.
However, for all those hypocrites and cons and thieves and liars and killers of Greyhound Racing, and I am not sure if Jan knows who we are talking about, but we sure do, the pie is too good and too pure for you!
For all the Pizzis, and Tomblins and Greens and KAY KAY people are going to get one helluva a surprise . Better get them doggies homed quickly. The caboose came loose a long time ago. And that train is definitely thundering down the line.

Anonymous said... have to do more than "hope". You have to make good on a promise to a dog who gave people their existence, and maybe even yours.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding? Jan Krebs. So many of us have known about you way too long. You seemed to fall too easily into that "crowd" of Greyhound Racing where the shell kept moving around and around and around and there was nothing under any of them. This Biblical "miracle" spout, is just another right wing push for slaughtered hounds and I, for one, am sick of people that do it, including you.
We don't take kindly to "moles" around here. But what is for sure, we are going to lock up every son of a bitch that has hurt these dogs and claimed they have not. Tell that to any of your "party". I can imagine they are all waiting "at the gate". And by the way, if they have all their "Thanksgiving spices" with them, like steroids and cocaine, just as one or two of your tasty morsels, we are all onto that as well.
Like you see, "Happy Thanksgiving". It is going to be all of your last.

Anonymous said...

Oh yech. Here is this blonde with the dark glasses and the two hounds to give her, hopefully, some class?
Ain't gonna work, baby. You should have thought about that and let us see your eyes. Too late now. The words are always shallow and the promises never kept. And the dogs? Well, like you all say, they are merely "units".
But guess what? The times, they are a changin' and what we all do hear is Hollywood has approached Ironicus Maximus. But he is too clever to give it all away. Especially to the Greyhound Racing Industry.
Keep your boots on. The snow is coming and you may have nowhere to go.

Jen Krebs said...

Wow, I'm confused.

First of all, it's JEN. As in Jennifer. jEn Krebs.

Secondly, talk about jumping to (very uninformed and unfair) conclusions...

Did any of you Anonymous-es, uh, Anonymous-i, um, Anonymous-Plural - bother to do your homework before attacking me??


My comment was a genuine one.

Regarding being involved with 'adoptions and John Parker' –

Yes, I volunteered with SEGA before I woke up to the John Parker and GPA pro-racing reality. I spent several years supporting greyhound adoption efforts, and I've adopted 6 retired racers in as many years. However, I chose to re-focus my efforts toward ending greyhound racing, and was fortunate enough to be given the honor of joining the Board of Directors of GREY2K USA.