Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Hound Blogging

Frequent reader(s) of this blog know the true measure of success is the degree to which we accept lowered expectations...erm...we mean know that we spend a good deal of our time around the marbled halls of IM Central warming ourselves with the economic and ethical fire that is slowly (and not so slowly) consuming the forest of cruelty, heartlessness and utter barbarity in which the overlords inhabit the undersides of various rocks. Now, the more fair minded of you might have pause with the degree of pleasure we take at the overlords' discomforts and chastise us for exhibiting too much enjoyment in the suffering of others. "Ironicus," you might say. "Is it a proper thing to chortle in such a jocular way at the tragedies that befall fellow human beings, or in this case, the overlords?"

Oh, yes it is fair minded reader. Yes. It. Is. 
The last greyhound racing track in Texas is closing. Gulf Greyhound Park in La Marque, near Galveston, announced plans Wednesday to cease living racing by Jan. 1.
The only thing that would make that first sentence better is if the prepositional phrase "in Texas" were removed, but in the mean time, the shuttering of one more death camp for greyhounds puts us a step closer to the Day of Liberation; the day no greyhounds will die meaningless deaths in the empty pursuit of (no) profit. But pray tell Sally Briggs, general manager of the track, what brought you to this momentous decision? Like the Grinch, did your heart suddenly grow three sizes? Were you blinded by a light on the road to Damascus and did a voice say unto you "Sally, Sally. Why do you persecute them so?" Tell us, from what wellspring of empathy and altruism deep within in you did this action burst forth?
Briggs said it couldn't compete with racetracks in surrounding states that offer expanded gambling options. She also cited an overall decline in the racing industry as a reason for the closure.
Oh. Um...OK, well that'll do we guess.It sounds like you're saying since no one comes to watch the pitiless commodification of innocent living creatures for (no) profit, and since you are only a place that puts vulnerable greyhounds in harm's way in the fruitless pursuit of (again, no) profit, might as well throw in the towel. We get that.
The Texas Racing Commission says wagering at Gulf Greyhound Park had declined by 85 percent since 1992.
Eighty five percent! Wow. So you're saying that when you realized you only had a little less than 1/7 of your business left it finally occurred to you that maybe greyhound racing wasn't the path to riches you were led to believe it was? Man. Well, slow is better than no we guess. What do you think Threespeed?

I am an active little girl but I’m just a baby (I will only be two in August). I am very affectionate. I love to give my foster mom kisses. I am an attention seeker and will push my way through the doggie crowd for attention but, don’t worry, I don’t do it in an aggressive manner. I get along with dogs my size and have seen small dogs through my fence and I didn’t act mean to them. I am housebroken and don’t mind being in my crate. I love to play with toys and run and play in my yard. I have been very friendly to all of the humans I have met so far. For more information about this dog, and other rescued racing greyhounds looking for homes, go here. If you don't know about the plight of racing greyhounds go here and here.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday Hound Blogging

We're sure you are familiar with the old saying that goes First they came for the socialists and I did not speak up because I was not a socialist. It's a sad commentary on apathy and the inevitable result of complacency. We tell you this because YOU NEED TO WAKE UP PEOPLE!! Our freedoms are in jeopardy. Sound the call to action! A las barricadas amigos! Why, you ask. Because the jackbooted thugs have come for the overlords and the rest of us can't be far behind!
Greyhound Racing Victoria (GRV) stepped up its inspections of trainers and owners after a Four Corners program earlier this year uncovered the use of live baits to "blood" racing dogs Live rabbits, cats and possums were being used as lures in mechanized training facilities known as bullrings.
It's a fascist paradise man. 1984, Fahrenheit 451 and A Clockwork Orange all rolled into one, plus a little of The Iron Heel. It's power come down from the high mountain to crush your dreams. It's, well let's let overlord, former trainer and publisher of the newsletter, Tony Vass tell us. He's had first hand experience.
"I can't speak for all of them but I have been getting a lot of calls from members and non-members around Victoria saying that their rights are being trampled," Mr Vass said.
Oh we hear you Mr. Vass. Evil has a stranglehold on liberty and is slowly chocking the life out of her. The dark shadow of Mordor has spread across the land. Um...just to be clear though, what rights are you talking about? The right to condemn innocent rabbits cats and possums to meaningless, violent deaths in the unsubstantiated belief that it will make the dogs run faster? The right to commodify sentient living creatures and place them in harm's way in the singular pursuit of (no) profit? The right to off 40% of greyhounds when they are no longer productive? We're just trying to get a clear picture here.
Mr Vass said there were a number of trainers who were angry and disillusioned by the process
As well they should be Mr. Vass, as well they should be. Where do these pencil necked bureaucrats get off thinking they can invite themselves on to an overlord's property just because they represent governmental oversight of your industry? Is this a dictatorship? Have the overlords no rights? Where's Cliven Bundy when you need him?
Animal Welfare officers reported a trainer allegedly fired a gun and attempted to assault them during an unannounced inspection on the man's property at Rosedale, east of Melbourne.
Oh. There he is. Well look, you have to expect that when freedom is threatened patriots will rise to defend her. You would do well to take note of that GRV chairman Bernie Carolan.
Mr Vass said the incident on Tuesday was predictable, if not inevitable, and GRV officials had been warned about the growing tension in the industry over unannounced property inspections.
 Word to the wise, Mr. Carolan, word to the wise. You're heading down a dangerous path toying with the the overlords' fundamental freedom to be callous, cold hearted and cruel, just like it says in the bible.
"The Domestic Animals Act, the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and the Racing Act come together in the Code of Practice, which participants in the industry need to follow. "We do have the power to do what we believe we have to do to lead some culture change within the industry, [so] incidents like the live baiting incident from February won't occur again."
Oh sure, hide behind the law Mr. Carolan, like that makes a difference. The overlords are talking about free enterprise here. The right to kill and maim their way to riches, just like any other business person. Well, OK, most people in business don't make a profit by death and injury, but the overlords don't really make a profit anyway, so give them a break all right? Cripes, you expect them to work for a living? That's why they have the dogs. And the rabbits. And the cats. And the possums.

What do you say, Mr. Carolan? All the overlords are asking for is a couple day's notice. You know,  so they can tidy up a bit, maybe put on some water for tea. Is that too much to ask?
GRV said the incident in Gippsland would not stop its officers carrying out snap inspections.
Geez, there's just no pleasing some people huh Johnny?

I am very calm, loving and playful. I am not a jumper, but I do like to play. I will bring you a squeaky toy or a ball. I actually play fetch, which is unusual for a Greyhound. I enjoy going for walks. I am good with or other dogs or by myself. I get along perfect with dogs of any size and kitties too. I enjoy going for car rides. I just lie down, go to sleep and enjoy the ride. I can go up and down the stairs; however, I don’t really like the tile stairs that are in one part of my foster home. I am fine with any other surface of stairs though. I don’t mind being in my crate. I go in there to take naps. I have met kids from the age of three up to the age of ten. I loved them and was so gentle. I gave them lots of loving kisses. I have actually loved everyone one I have met. I am housebroken too. For more information about this dog, and other rescued racing greyhounds looking for homes, go here. If you don't know about the plight of racing greyhounds go here and here.

Friday, August 07, 2015

Friday Hound Blogging

Now, if you don't know anything else about the overlords you know they loves them some greyhounds. They have the utmost respect for this noble and ancient breed and that is what attracted them to greyhound racing, which as we all know requires great investments of time and money. There's the training, the care and feeding, and the continued effort to make sure these elite athletes get everything they need to perform at the top of their potential. Not to mention the emotional connection between the breeders, trainers, owners and the dogs themselves who, as we've often heard are just like members of the family.

So you have to believe that whenever the overlords hear of anything even slightly untoward in their industry, even slightly askew they will move heaven and earth to right it and protect the greyhounds at whatever cost, right Townsville Greyhound Racing Club President Gary Heath?
The Townsville Greyhound Racing Club on Sunday warned many of the 2-300 dogs involved were at risk of being put down if it couldn't find $180,000 for repairs. President Gary Heath told News Corp it was an animal welfare issue. "If they decide to close it, at a guess, I'd say we've got 200 to 300 greyhounds up here," he said. "We'd like to think we could find homes for them all but, being realistic, I think a lot of them would have to be put down."
And there you have it. Can there be any more clear proof of the overlords love for these dogs, or their devotion to their wait, what?
Animal Liberation Queensland president Chay Neal said the comments were another example of why the industry should not be allowed to continue. Mr Neal said the industry didn't see the value in a dog unless it was racing.
Oh, come on Mr. Neal. That's a bit over the top don't you think? The last thing any overlord wants is to put a dog in danger.  Surely there must be a better explanation than the units are no longer profitable.
"It sounds like the Townsville Greyhound Racing Club is attempting to emotionally blackmail Racing Queensland for further funding, threatening the lives of 300 healthy greyhounds," he said in a statement on Monday night.
Not so fast there Mr. Neal. Everyone knows the cruel and heartless exploitation of innocent living creatures for (no) profit is a losing enterprise, so Mr. Heath is probably between a fiscal rock and a hard place. We mean, $180,000 is a lot of two dollar bets and when there are only about 40 people in 100 square miles of the place stupid enough to think that betting on whether a helpless greyhound makes it around the track without injuring or killing itself is the road to riches it's pretty obvious that if Mr. Heath wants to stay out of the labor pool, he's running out of options fast. Desperate times call for desperate measures, know what we mean? Besides, most of the dogs get killed anyway so what's the big whoop, right  Slim?

I am a really sweet and laid back boy. I am not an “in your face” dog but I will come around for attention. I am fine either being by myself or with people/dogs. I am learning how to play with toys and I am finding that I really love them. I get along great with all of the Greyhounds in my foster home. I have seen some small dogs through the fence. I showed some interest in them but then decided to just walk away and let them do their thing. It has been so hot since I have been here that I am finding laying in the kiddy pool very relaxing and refreshing. I am housebroken. I was a little shy and unsure of things when I first got to my foster home but I am adjusting now and coming out of my shell. I am really enjoying retirement. For more information about this dog, and other rescued racing greyhounds looking for homes, go here. If you don't know about the plight of racing greyhounds go here and here.