Friday, November 06, 2009

Friday Hound Blogging

OK, so you're probably thinking yesterday's tea bagger attack on Washington was the day's big news. We can understand that what with the chants of Keep the government out of my Medicare, the attempts to say the Pledge of Allegiance and the confusion of the Constitution with the Declaration of Independence and all.

The informed electorate acting in concert to speak truth to power. The American Way.

The Auschwitz thing was a nice touch too.

So we can understand if you missed the real story of the day: The million overlord march on Madison.

Employees of Kenosha's Dairyland Greyhound Park are doing what they can to save the dog racing track from shutting down. In fact, they walked the halls of the state capitol in a rally of support for the facility. "And a bathroom," said one protester. "I really needed to find a bathroom."

Actually the impact of the event was somewhat blunted by the fact that about a half hour into the protest the overlords were told they were actually walking the halls of the Dane county courthouse directly across the street from the State Capitol Building. "Nobody told us Madison was the county seat as well as the state capitol." said one protester. "Can they do that?"

Just another level of government bureaucracy, Mr. overlord protester, sir. We're sure Obama is behind this somehow. The good news is the legislature isn't going to do you that much good anyway. You've got to go to the people with the power--the racing commission--just like the overlords in Massachusetts did.

A year to the day after Massachusetts voters approved a ban on dog racing by passing ballot Question 3, the Raynham dog track went before the state Racing Commission at Raynham Town Hall seeking a permit to run 269 races in 2010. "We're hoping they haven't been reading the papers," said one hopeful track representative. "Maybe they don't know about the vote yet."

After an abbreviated discussion, the board voted 2-1 to reject the application, citing incomplete paperwork and an unwillingness to go against the Jan. 1 law against greyhound racing.

D'oh! Another overlord strategy foiled by people who can read.

But what's this about incomplete paperwork? You'd think with their free ride on the backs of innocent animals on the line they could at least fill out the forms right. What's up with that?

Application fees totaling $3,600 and $250,000 in surety bonds, along with the track’s financial statements were left out of the application.

Well, in our defense we really don't have financial statements, being broke and all," Raynham Park General Manager Gary Temple said. The track’s filing was intentionally unfinished in order to save money “and hope something comes out of the courts.”

Let's see if we've got this. The strategy is to waste the racing commission's time while looking for a judge who was dropped on his head as a child. Multiple times. Does that about sum it up?

Despite a warning that the application would be denied, the racing commission allowed proponents and opponents to debate the request for holding races in 2010. "Nothing good on the tee vee that night," said one commissioner who asked not to be identified.

Temple said the effort was a final attempt to save the 300 remaining track employees, “the people that have worked seven days a week, every day of the year, to make our business operate.” When asked why employees weren't allowed time off, Temple replied "Who do you think we are, Wal-Mart?"

Track owner George Carney attended the meeting but chose to lock himself in the bathroom and refuse to come out and have Temple and his public relations people talk with the media. "Hope he took a sandwich in with him," one reporter said.

Well, there is a window in there and if he has his cell he can call for take out, right Braden?

Braden is very friendly and very curious, and he craves lots of attention. He likes to smell everything over and over again. He is affectionate. He will approach for pets and lean against his foster family. He is starting to play with toys and he loves to play with the family dog. When he is sleeping, he breathes out through his mouth and his lips slap together like a horse. Braden is a three-year old puppy. He gets very bouncy and excited when he sees the leash come out, but will ‘get back’ and settle down when asked to. He is a Second Chance at Life Dog from the Coldwater Prison Program. Braden would do well in a working family home with well-mannered children, 6 and up. He is good with other dogs and would probably be fine as an only dog.For more information about this dog, and other rescued racing greyhounds looking for homes, go here. If you don't know about the plight of racing greyhounds go here.

And if you 'd like to know more about the good work the Second Chance at Life program is doing for the dogs, and the prisoners, go here.


Anonymous said...

There are so many "characters" perpetuating and guarding these miserable Greyhound "prisons", that all too often, you confuse one with another. However, if memory does serve me correctly, Carney owns a garbage dump? Or maybe, like the Sopranos, rules a city in "cleanliness"?
All I can say is that we have already dealt with the "organized crime" aspect of Greyhound Racing, and to further 'embellish" it with one more "Tony", neither serves the Greyhound nor the assault on filthy crime, period.

Anonymous said...

Gary Temple. You almost expect something out of that kind of name.
But what did we get?
We got some drool , and yellow, about how the application fees for more than a quarter of a million bucks failed to get written not to mention totally going "hush" on financial statements.
But that's Gary Temple.
Who is probably great friends with Carney.
And they all know the "whiner and decliner"
Doug Pizzi.
We are still all waiting for the whereabouts ,not only all those unaccounted thousands of Greyhounds that "disappeared", but also for that constant threat of a lawsuit that Doug Pizzi keeps saying he is going to file.
So, where is it, Doug Pizzi?
And where are all those thousands of missing Greyhounds.
All you guys are such crap.

Anonymous said...

You know, a couple of weeks ago we were talking "Hollywood". I think it is more than significant to talk Al Pacino. Since he is one of the big guys we hope to get, let's not lose the fact that he was involved with many movies associated with underworld activities. How great is that if he decides to play
Ironicus Maximus. That is a real meeting of minds.

Anonymous said...

We also have Ted Danson! He is that Joe Frobisher of American crime. It's a terrific twist he is not only on the other side , but also "gay"!
I bet Danson could suck an Oscar out of this baby if he does it up half as good as "Damages". This is a role of dreams.

Anonymous said...

You mentioned Al Pacino. Well, Robert DeNiro has also played the bad guy. Another deception to have DeNiro on "the good side" and smelling the evil and corrupt in every word and action.
Can't you just see him at his computer, faintly smiling and typing slowly away, cautiously reeling in the take?
DeNiro. He owns this part.

Anonymous said...

We didn't talk enough about Michael Wells known for "Dexter". He is so smooth and so lethal, the criminals just don't have a chance with our "Dexter Delight".
What a great male panel to bring this movie into the hearts and souls of American psyche, ignorant of those horrendous crimes against Greyhounds everywhere, not to mention how intentional cruelty destroys the human soul.

Anonymous said...

What about Bridget Fonda as the female blogger?
She is exceptional as a cool lady of bad vibes. If she decides to do this part, I cannot wait to see her delve into how she will interpret the subtle messages in destabilizing the"Mafia".
All around, a superb cast. But what will be the real clincher is the obliteration of this dark, self -destructing , force.

Anonymous said...

You speak of this "dark force" obliterated. Reading all the various blogs, it brings me back to
"Railbird-Bailbird-Jailbird" and how everyone and everything is so underhanded.
So, we now start talking Auschwitz. And we have already emphasized the "dark forces" at play. Let's have someone put it all together so we are just a little clearer on what all this information is supposed to reveal.

Anonymous said...

Well, some of the real dummies would like you to believe that it's all about the "Greyt Collars". Some people thought that it was about precious stones like rubies, emeralds, diamonds, whatever.
Other people think drugs with "warm and fuzzies" up the whazoo around Mexico, the dogs doing the"Greyhound Express" and on the run.
But I'll tell you what I think, probably because I have seen just too much for too long in newspapers, in travelling and all the recent movies from "Hollywood".
It's about the "Arms" baby. Everything seems to point to mass destruction by the top few "Apes" who either had rich, lousy upbringings and no love, or are just plain, cold intellectuals who don't give a damn.

Anonymous said...

I'm not 100% sure about all the details, but I understand there is a 4-D film opening up in New Orleans this Friday at the National WW11 Museum. Tom Hanks' "Beyond All Boundaries" is going to do something truly unique. He actually uses some props from Auschwitz and this Victory Theatre has seats that shake with the bombings and the grenades and the explosions! I mean talk about "real"! Tom Hanks is Jewish, I think, and so, he wanted to do something special to reinforce all the dangers that exist out there and how easily it can all happen again; with just one or even two "Apes".