Friday, September 22, 2006

Friday Hound Blogging

All right people. They've tried being nice. They tried being accommodating. They've tried drugging the Nothing seems to work, so it's no more Mr. nice overlord. Either you drag your skinny butts to the track, or that's it.

If slot machines don't bring renewed interest to the dying sport of greyhound racing, Dan Adkins, the head of Broward County's only dog track says he would consider ending live racing. "Then you'll be sorry," Adkins told reporters. "Well, actually I'll be sorry because everything I've ever worked for in my entire life will be lost when they repossess my trailer."

"I really do hope I can increase interest in greyhound racing with slots," said Adkins. "I mean after all, the two forms of gambling couldn't be any more dissimilar, plus they appeal to totally different types of gamblers. It's got to work."

Mark Adams -- a California-based dog owner who runs Mesa Racing, a Florida corporation that breeds, sells and races greyhounds -- said he's long predicted the demise of racing. "This guy is costing jobs and futures," Adams said. "He's not a businessman. He's a moneygrubber."

Oh, Snap! Those overlords can really go after one another huh Isabelle?

Isabelle is a sweet girl who can be a bit shy, but is coming out of her shell more each day. She loves to shower her foster moms with kisses and will bump them in the butt when she wants attention! Her little stub of a tail rarely stops wagging and she is starting to enjoy playing with stuffies. Because Isabelle is still shy and a bit fearful, she needs a family that will be patient with her and understands shy dogs. She would also prosper more fully in a home with another dog to show her the ropes. She would do well in a working family home with well-mannered children, 6 and older. For more information about this dog, and other rescued racing greyhounds looking for homes, go here. If you don't know about the plight of racing greyhounds go here.


George said...

And this one's Nigelesque right down to the tail stub!

Ironicus Maximus said...

Ha! Precisely what we were thinking, except that Isabelle is one of those rough around the edges ex-racers lacking the charm and refined demeanor we're sure Nigel manifests. Probably lost her tail in a bar fight.

George said...

Would have replied sooner but having laugihng all weekend. Nigel...refined demeanor!

George said...

Still can't type, obviously.

That's "have been laughing."