Friday, December 06, 2013

Friday Hound Blogging

Frequent reader(s) of this blog understand the futility of expectation...erm...we mean will recall our previous discourses on the state of Florida and its ongoing deliberations to decide what to do with the overlords. (Our suggestion: full ride scholarships to Walmart Greeter School, with a side fund set up to hire the inevitably needed tutors). In the mean time however, those in the sunshine state who have been afflicted with scruples have been attempting convince the legislature to improve the life of the units so devotedly cared for by the overlords as long as they're winning but hey this is a business you know we can't be responsible for what happens when the units are no longer profitable even though we love them dearly and think of them as members of the family oh say have we reminded you we'll need that subsidy again next year?
Animal activists in Florida are calling for measures to protect greyhounds in the state’s large racing industry. Last month, sixteen animal protection organizations sent a letter to the Florida House and Senate Gaming Committees, calling for the passage of two greyhound protection measures. The letter asked lawmakers to pass a greyhound injury reporting law and to eliminate a state mandate requiring gaming facilities to hold live dog races.
Well, we certainly don't see any problems with that. We mean, the overlords have been telling us for years that greyhound injuries aren't really injuries, they're random anomalous events, and as for eliminating state mandates, well the overlords have been arguing for the elimination of state mandates concerning the care of the greyhounds since the first jackbooted bureaucrat stepped foot on the track and said, "Hey. Quit killing those dogs." Should be a no brainer, right Jack Cory, lobbyist and a representative for the Florida Greyhound Association?
“It would cost the state $22 million dollars in direct revenue,” Cory said. “Hundreds of millions of dollars in indirect revenue, thousands of jobs, and we’d put over 8,000 beautiful greyhounds at risk.”
When asked what he meant by "indirect revenue" Mr. Cory explained that "You have to pay somebody to kill the dogs when we don't want them anymore, then somebody else has to dispose of the bodies. I mean ten years ago Robert Rhodes was getting $10 a pop for helping Florida tracks control inventory, so you can imagine what the going rate is today, and in this economy a job's a job, right?"
He said saving the lives of greyhounds requires more than filing an injury report. “Having a politically motivated reporting process does not stop the injuries on animals or athletes whether it be on a football field or a baseball field,” Cory said.
Wait. Greyhounds play football and baseball? Well no wonder they're getting hurt, they aren't wearing pads, or batting helmets. Criminee  people, what do you think Mr. Cory is, a miracle worker?
“These race tracks really have become poker rooms that happen to have dogs running around in circles with no one betting on the dogs,” Theil said. “A report that just came out by a company called Spectrum showed that in 2012, Florida’s dog tracks lost 35 million dollars on greyhound racing while at the same time, turning in a profit of 39 million dollars on their poker rooms.”
"What's your point Theil?" Cory asked. "If it wasn't for those poker rooms making so much money, you think they could afford to subsidize us like they do? You obviously don't understand the first thing about running a business."
Jody Houston, the Outreach Coordinator of Goldcoast Greyhounds Adoptions said she disagrees with GREY2K and believes the organization may have other interests in mind. “They do suffer injuries,” Houston said. “They are going up to 45 miles an hour. If they trip or if they have a pile up, they get hurt. It’s quite a bit close to the numbers of injuries from professional football or professional baseball.” Houston said.
Ha! See? We told you. If the overlords would just get the dogs pads and batting helmets we wouldn't be having this discussion. Hey Jasper? What size you wear?

Hugs and kisses! Hugs and kisses! I'm gonna get me some hugs and kisses! And treats! I'm gonna get me some hugs and kisses and treats!! And love! If you are someone that enjoys some four-footed company, well, I'm the one for you! I excel at chilling out and being close at hand -wherever you might be. More than one in our family? I would check on each of you (best done by laying my head in your lap). You might be fooled into thinking that's all I'm good at. Rattle a leash or show me a toy, and you'll see how much life there still is in THIS "seasoned" boy! Walks are the best! I love to meet folks and make them feel good. At least, I guess that's what they feel when I lean on them. They call me Velcro dog! what's Velcro? Just LOVE people! Yep, that should do it! Come and get me! For more information about this dog, and other rescued racing greyhounds looking for homes, go here. If you don't know about the plight of racing greyhounds go here and here.


marcela garcia bonini said...

Does FLorida subsidize dog racing ? That is plain OUTRAGEOUS !!!!

Ironicus Maximus said...

The state doesn't subsidize the tracks directly. They make the casinos who have tracks do it for them.