Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday Hound Blogging

OK so last Friday we told you about how the overlords will spare no expense to make sure the are safe and have the very best care. They spent $250,000, or $400,000 or a buck thirty to totally redo a greyhound race track and how do those ungrateful mongrels show their appreciation? Well, they kept getting hurt. In fact, they get hurt more frequently on the new track than they did on the old one.

That's just spite right there.

The overlords are a forgiving lot though, especially when the choice is keep the dogs running, or get a job, so even though the inventory is still being damaged at pre-improvement rates, the dogs are being hurt because of their own stubbornness they have decided to launch another campaign to convince the public they aren't callous, heartless monsters exploiting living creatures for profit to show how much they love admire and respect the They sent a letter to greyhound adoption organizations all over North America. Well, they would have, but they forgot to buy stamps and petty cash was out because Guccione bought a candy bar again, so they hand delivered a couple to the retired folks across the street and called it a day. Anyway, here's what the letter said:

The National Greyhound Association is strongly committed to greyhound adoption because we're tired of all the wailing about what is really a pretty efficient way to reduce overhead if you don't count the fact that the dogs have to die and stuff, and is sincerely grateful for the services your agency provides for retired racers because at least we can point to that when some other bone head gets caught offing a bunch mean streamlining his inventory.

Toward this common goal of getting us out of the cross hairs of those animal rights wackos, the NGA Board of Directors wishes to act like we care in cases where adoption organizations might be having difficulty in obtaining from the record owner a negligible portion of the expenses incurred in keeping the greyhound alive long enough to get it off our books. This includes pretending we're helping in the relocation of the future pet. A simple written notification of your situation, sent to the NGA (by mail or by e-mail), will trigger the NGA’s good wishes in all your endeavors.

Now, you're probably thinking, wow, the overlords have really gone all out for the protection of their meal dogs and you wouldn't be far wrong, but the overlords aren't done yet:

In addition, we want to reaffirm our commitment to ensuring all the overlords stay out of the job market. NGA stands ready to respond to your communication whenever there is a concern about people with souls finding out you really couldn't care less about the units once they're no longer profit centers. This applies to greyhounds on breeding farms, in racing kennels, or in transit.  Quick communication can be made to NGA by e-mailing us at or by phoning me at 785-263-4660. No collect calls please.

Ha! How you like them overlords now puppy huggers? "This applies to greyhounds on breeding farms, in racing kennels, or in transit." That pretty much covers it, no? Even in transit the overlords are looking out for the well being of those little four legged rent checks, right Lonnie and Jamie Boyle?
Eight greyhounds died in early September, likely of heat exhaustion, while being hauled across the country to Arizona, documents from the state's Department of Racing show. The eight greyhounds likely died near El Paso, documents show. The couple traveled through Tucson with the dead dogs, but never stopped at Tucson Greyhound Park to look into veterinary care for the surviving dogs, documents say.
Now will you believe the overlords when they say all that stuff about how the dogs have to be lovingly cared for; about how they're professional athletes and have to have only the best if they are going to perform; about how they're really part of the family and...oh crap.

Well, in his defense Lonnie did try to call  like the letter said, but Guccione was out of minutes so he couldn't answer. There still appear to be some glitches in the system, huh Watson?

Watson very playful and puppy-like. He has his energy in the morning, but by the evening, he is ready for a good rest. He is affectionate; he will approach and lick your hand or stand by you and lean for attention. He can launch a stuffy across the room. He plays with toys by himself and with the family dogs. Watson would be fine in a working family home, with well-mannered children, 6 and up. He is good with smaller children, but needs a little more training to control his enthusiasm around them. He would do best with another dog in the home to keep him company or with a family that has someone home most of the time. He would do best in a home with a fenced yard. For more information about this dog, and other rescued racing greyhounds looking for homes, go here. If you don't know about the plight of racing greyhounds go here.

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