Monday, August 09, 2010

Tancredo for Governor! Motto: I Won't Even Buy A Brown Suit

Hey, Tom Tancredo is running for governor of Colorado people have been held down too long? Frequent readers of this blog live by the motto Life Is Short, Let's Have A mean remember Mr. Tancredo from several previous visits in which we documented his meteoric rise from unknown ignorant bigot to Grand Dragon. Or Congressman, whichever. Maybe both.

Well, one thing you can say about Mr. Tancredo now that his political career is over is he isn't content to sit on the sidelines and watch his beloved Colorado turn into another Arizona. Unless of course you mean that part of Arizona that would like to outlaw melanin levels above those naturally occurring in polar bear coats. Nosireebob. He's not the type of person to stand idly by while certain segments of the population have injustice visited upon them. Well, unless those segments happen to be brown, which is sort of the whole point of his campaign.

Now before you get all up on your high horse and go accusing Mr. Tancredo of being a racist ideologue you should know that he has left the republican party to run as an independent in the Constitution Party (motto: This county's been going downhill since they threw out the 3/5's clause), so he's obviously not an ideologue.

You should also know that this isn't the way Tom wanted to say good-bye to his republican friends, but after he told the two republican primary candidates to get out of the race after the election so he could run, and they refused, what choice did he have? Is it possible for a man to love his country and his state too much?

So, now not only does Mr. Tancredo have to fight against people who think your rights as a citizen shouldn't be connected to your need for high SPF products, he has to battle those very members of his erstwhile party who think just because they chose someone else in their primary, that person should be the nominee.

Where do people get ideas like that anyway?

We wish you well in your quest, Mr. Tancredo. We hope the people of Colorado realize what a treasure they have in a person like yourself, a person who could have just as easily been organizing StormFront swap meets or researching Jew lies about the Holocaust, but instead chose to share his gift with his white brethren as a public servant who believes deeply in the promise of America and its heritage--particularly that part about the country being founded by white guys who owned slaves.

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