Friday, January 02, 2009

Friday Hound Blogging

Well, here we are at the beginning of a new year and while some things change--a president who knows his elbow from a hole in the ground for instance--some things will stay the same, namely the overlords' commitment to their investments, ie: the Yes many is the time the overlords have taken time out of their busy schedules to explain to us the inherent illogic of our belief that just because dogs were getting injured, dying and going missing it meant the overlords weren't taking care of them. It just showed how little we understood the deep and lasting bond between the overlords and the, right Dr. Barker?

The state veterinarian on duty at Dairyland Greyhound Track in Kenosha is calling for improvements to the track after several greyhounds have been injured. Veterinarian Jenifer Barker told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel she believes something has put the track out of whack this winter, causing significant injuries to several dogs. "I fell down twice myself just walking out there," she told reporters. "Of course I tend to drink a little. Kind of goes with the job." (Eds. Note: Dr. Barker. Get it? Hahahaha! Those overlords. What cards!)

Right. See this is just the kind of tree hugging, Birkenstock wearing, animal rights wackiness that the overlords have to continually fight against. Well, fight against when they aren't collecting cans to make the trailer payment. Anyway, there's nothing wrong with that track. If there were the overlords would surely know about it and do something because no one wants to risk the great amount of time and money invested in the Right Mr. Apgar?

A matinee scheduled Wednesday afternoon at Dairyland Greyhound Track was canceled because a portion of the racetrack was in poor condition, according to the track's manager. "Generally we don't let a little ice on the track bother us because, heck we aren't the ones running," Apgar said.

Apgar and other track officials have vehemently denied that any greyhounds have been put in jeopardy because of the condition of the track. The track has a heating system in which coils underneath the surface keep the track soft in winter. That system was turned on Tuesday night and was left on during the day Wednesday. "Funny thing about those coils," Apgar said. "Nobody's ever actually seen them. There's just this switch in the office that says 'Coils' and we turn it on from time to time."

Through November, 56 dogs have broken their hocks on the track this year. That is considered to be the most serious kind of injury. Overall, the number of injuries at the track appears to be down somewhat, compared with 2007. At least 15 greyhounds have died from a variety of injuries this year. "Hey, cars crash at NASCAR tracks too," Apgar said. "Course they have all sorts of safety equipment and stuff. OK Horses. What about them? They get injured and killed all the time. Wait, that's not a good example is it?"

Not really, but it's probably the best you can do right, Brandon?

Brandon is very sweet and loving. He will come up for affection, and lean on you and put his head on you. He loves to play with toys and the other dogs in the home. Yet, will settle down and nap with the best of them. He always wants to be near and touching you all the time. He sleeps through the night on his bed next to the other dogs. His ears stand straight up and will touch each other most of the time, but sometimes, one ear flops toward his head. He will initiate play on his own; he will grab a toy and chew the daylights out of it. Instead of taking the toys out of the basket, he will drag the whole basket around. He also likes to carry his empty food bowl around. Brandon is energetic, curious, and playful; he doesn’t mind at all being crated with a peanut butter stuffed Kong but really would not need to be in his forever home. He doesn’t chew on anything but his toys and has never gone potty in the house. Brandon would do well in a working family home with other average to larger size dogs in the home or as an only dog in a family that has someone home more often. He has a lot of energy, so he needs a family that will play with him regularly. He is good with well-mannered older children, 8 and up. For more information about this dog, and other rescued racing greyhounds looking for homes, go here. If you don't know about the plight of racing greyhounds go here.

Mulberry Sam update: Sam passed his medical with flying colors and is now in a foster home in the Detroit area where he has another greyhound and a Lab to play with.

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