Monday, November 01, 2010

Ronald Williams Is A Murderer

I'm stepping out of character today to tell you Ronald Williams is a murderer, a mass murderer, but he probably won't go to jail because he was only doing what the heartless, brutal industry he works in always does.

Ebro, Florida - Ronald Williams, a trainer of greyhound racing dogs at Ebro Greyhound Park was arrested Friday by the Washington County Sheriff's Office in the death of 37 dogs. The dogs were found dead in the kennels by the Florida Department of Pari-Mutuel Wagering.
He left them there knowing full well without care they would die slowly, painfully, and alone in their flea infested, filth ridden crates. He left them and walked away.

An investigation began when Williams delivered eight underweight dogs to Greyhound Pets of America's Emerald Coast group. Both Greyhound Pets of America's Emerald Coast and Ebro tell trainers they will take any dogs that trainers can not relocate or adopt out.
 This was a premeditated act. Even before the track closed Ronald Williams was abusing the dogs he supposedly cared for, dogs this savage industry tells us over and over again are important investments of time and resources, highly trained athletes who are given the best of everything so they can perform at the highest levels. Just like members of the family they say.

They are liars, each and every one of them, barbaric, callous, black hearted liars.

The group also offers to supply food for trainers in need.
Help was available, yet Ronald Williams did not take advantage of it, instead he deserted more than 37 living, breathing innocent creatures, leaving them to die, unnecessarily, meaninglessly in intolerable conditions and with salvation only a phone call away. A phone call he refused to make.
Ebro is cooperating with the investigation and have stated they are shocked and appalled by the tragic situation.
 They are liars too. The only thing they're concerned with is if any of this will blowback on them, will affect the blood money they collect from the suffering and death of blameless, trusting, helpless animals.

If you come to this blog on Fridays you know I often mask my anger at the racing industry with sarcasm and irony. It is the way I wrap my head around the fact that there are people on this planet who profess to be fully functioning human beings and yet are capable of such mindless savagery, such pitiless barbarity, such remorseless evil.

Ronald Williams is one of those people, but because he only murdered helpless dogs, cruelly, unsympathetically and without mercy, he murdered them, though his calculated, cold blooded abandonment as surely as if he'd taken a gun and shot each one, he'll be treated more as a wayward child than the soulless, cold, calculating monster that he really is.

There is no hell deep enough for a person like Ronald Williams.


Jen Krebs said...

I thought there are no words for what Ronnie Williams did to those dogs. Thank you for finding some.

Sadly, the bodies of additional greyhounds have been found at Williams' residence.

There could never be enough justice for the terrible suffering those young dogs endured.

I am grief-stricken.

James said...

What an evil bastard. This breaks my heart.

Anonymous said...

For those of you who are not
Grey2K Members, look at Christine Dorchak's website.
There are pictures of some of these starved, and neglected, dead Greyhounds.
Thousands of us received her message this morning; Internationally.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your words. My heart hurts so much.