Friday, April 21, 2006

Friday Hound Blogging

Man. Sometimes an overlord is about as welcome in polite society as a belch in church. Take this for example. Now you may say what's the big deal? Several states are in various stages of outlawing greyhound racing.

Sure, but those are racing states. Delaware never had greyhound racing in the first place. "Delaware's a nice state" said
state Senator George H. Bunting Jr. "The last thing we need is a bunch of third grade dropouts rolling into town in their '72 pickup trucks with the camper on the back trying to convince us we can get rich off a two dollar bet."


A bill now pending before Bunting's Senate Agriculture Committee would make dog racing illegal in Delaware. Currently, it also would prohibit breeders who raise and train greyhounds from operating in the state. "The sooner we let these people know that they're going to have to earn their own livings instead of sponging off the dogs, the sooner they'll be able to do something they're not ashamed to admit to their children they're doing."

Double ouch.

Jim O'Brien, secretary of the Greyhound Racing Association of America, said he sees no reason for the law. "It seems over the top to me," said O'Brien. "I don't know if there is an interest in building a track in Delaware but it takes a lot of money to do it and we're lucky to have enough money for the lot rental in the trailer park."

"This seems like a case of saying: 'Let's stop something before there's even an interest in it happening,' " he said.

We think that's precisely the point. Wouldn't you agree Suds?

Suds is laid back, mellow, happy, passive, sweet, loyal, and very affectionate. He will put his paw on your arm or leg when he wants more pets. He also leans on you and will follow you from room to room. He listens well and knows several commands. He has been in a home for about 8 years. He was returned twice, once when due to a divorce and now when his family's health no longer allows them to care for him. For more information about this dog, and other rescued racing greyhounds looking for homes, go here. If you don't know about the plight of racing greyhounds go here.


Anonymous said...

He may be laid back, mellow and passive, but I'm sure glad I'm not that fluffy toy gettin' the business there.

I love his face. He looks like a great hound.

Ironicus Maximus said...

I've never met the boy myself, but from what I"m told he comes from the toss and catch school of toy usage.

Martina said...

Whatever his school, he's a beautiful dog! It's funny how varied their philosophies on toys are. We have three former strays (though none greyhounds) - a toss and catcher, a toss, catch, and runner, and a toss, catch, and play tug-of-warrer/steal someone else's catch and runner

Ironicus Maximus said...

It is interesting how they all have different philosophies about their toys. One of my current pack is very consdierate of his toys, even to the point of thinking they need drinks of water from time to time because he will take them and dunk them in the water bowl.

Martina said...

Well, at least he is considerate. I wish my little dog were moreso. His favorite toy is one taken from someone else. I don't know why my big dog puts up with it. He'll let the little one take thing (including FOOD) right out of his mouth. They're like an allegory of the American people under the Bush administration. You have a great blog, by the way. I'm enjoying it!

Ironicus Maximus said...

This week's hound is a "collector." A lot of greyhounds seem to be of that school. Maybe it's because at the track they have all their worldly posessions in their crate with them. Well, if you can call a collar and shredded newspaper worldly posessions.