Monday, February 21, 2005

It's Not What You Think...OK It Is

We like to say we're big enough here at IM Central to admit when we are wrong. We like to say that, but we seldom do anything about it. Truth be told, we don't even like to say it that much, and generally mutter it under our breath when forced into a corner. Sort of like Jeff/Jim Gannon/Guckert had to admit he wasn't a reporter and was really a male escort working undercover in the White House Press Room. Perhaps undercover isn't the right word. Incognito. Yeah. That will do.

In fact it was the Jeff/Jim affair--well, let's rephrase that too--the Jeff/Jim contretemps that got us thinking about the whole--and pardon our language here--credibility thing. As we look around the landscape we see that those who garner the most respect are those who are straightforward, honest and above board in their dealings with others. People we can't think of anyone right now, but we know they are out there.

And we want to be taken seriously too, so in an effort to repair any damage to our reputation, which several people have told us we have, we hereby make the to one of our posts.

A while back we wrote that the Virginia Legislature was considering a bill to outlaw baggy pants. We had some fun with this at the expense of those serious and committed legislators from the state of Virginia. We have learned that bill has been dropped. (Dropped. Get it? The baggy pants bill has been dropped! We crack us up! Crack! Ha! there's another one!)

But we digress. Today we learned that the serious and committed legislators from the state of Virginia have replaced the baggy pants bill with the "Christians Rule" bill. This law would allow preaching, praying and proselytizing on all public property in the state, including public schools. Or, as they like to say in Virginia: (Motto: We're gonna beat you with this stick until you're saved) The Three P's of salvation.

The bill's sponsor, Charles W. Carrico Sr., contends there is a growing bias against Christians. They have to be driven around in cabs by brown people who may not have the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal savior, or worse horrendous body odor. He said other nations upheld their founding religious tenets and compelled respect for them, specifically noting the Muslim culture of Arab countries as an example. Well, except for that self flagellating thing they do. That looks painful. And the fasting? We're not too keen on that either. And the part where they blow themselves up for Allah. We don't think that's a good idea.

Look. If you don't do what they say they shoot you, OK? None of this namby pamby love your neighbor as yourself, or do unto others crap. That's what we're talking about. If we could just put a few non-believers to the lash, or stone an adulteress we could get this country back on the right track.

And if the amendment that defines "modest dress" for women passes with the bill, we plan to revisit the whole baggy pants thing.

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