Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday Hound Blogging

Hey, getting close to retirement? Looking for a sure fire investment? Why not try greyhound racing? For fun! And profit!!

Greyhound racing is an increasingly popular sport in Victoria and other parts of Australia, and there are many opportunities for people to get actively involved. Just think of how much more exciting and hopefully profitable, greyhound racing would be if you had a dog that participates in the race you were watching!

And if that dog doesn't win--shoot it. Yay!

Greyhound racing is a community as well as a spectator Sport, and it is much more rewarding to be a part of the community.

Just think of the enjoyment that will be yours, and hopefully your family's as you spend sunny afternoon at the track with the community of drunks, drug addicts, criminals and people with no teeth!

The easiest way to be involved as the owner of greyhound racing if you Do not have the expertise, time or money to invest in a race greyhounds yourself is a form of syndication greyhounds where a group of people are co-owners of a greyhound, cost sharing and the sharing of gains.

Yeah. Don't know anything about greyhound racing? No problem. Find some more people who don't know anything about greyhound racing and you'll make millions! Right Mr. Pimentel?

The Corpus Christi Greyhound Race Track may be closing for good at the end of the year. "We're not making a profit, but that's not something we're trying to do," Rick Pimentel, general manager of the race track said. "We're not trying to make a profit; we're just trying to minimize our losses.

Oh. Um...well...Here's one way to minimize your losses, right Pluto?

Pluto is very well-mannered, easygoing and mellow. He has funny ears. He enjoys attention, but is also fine to be resting alone. He enjoys finding a sunny spot on the floor. He doesn’t like it when his foster mom takes a nap on the couch; he wants her to wake up and he will push his head against her. Pluto would do well with a family working part-time or a stay at home family. He needs a home with no children. He is good with other dogs and he’d be fine as an only dog. For more information about this dog, and other rescued racing greyhounds looking for homes, go here. If you don't know about the plight of racing greyhounds go here.

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