Friday, June 08, 2007

Friday Hound Blogging

See, in order to get the rubes to the track so they can be fleeced, the overlords have to put on at least the appearance that they aren't a bunch of, well, overlords. Usually this isn't a problem since most of the people who think betting on greyhound racing is a good way to finance their retirement aren't a bunch of what you might call rocket scientists. Or maybe high school graduates is a more apt descriptor. Well, for the sober ones anyway.

Still, when you've got those pesky state gaming commissions looking over your shoulder things like this can happen:

There were no dogs running at Tucson Greyhound Park on Wednesday night. A kennel operator tested positive for drugs on Tuesday night, thirty dogs were scratched, and racing was canceled Wednesday night because there weren't enough dogs to race. "This is totally uncalled for," said Tucson Greyhound Park CEO Tom Taylor. "Do you know how seldom it is that only one employee shows up drunk or high?"

Taylor said that he supports drug testing and keeping the industry honest, but he said that the Department of Racing wants to go way beyond the finish line with more drug testing for dogs and more audits of the betting. "It's like they don't trust us or something," Taylor said. "I'm really hurt by that."

The Department of Racing gets almost three million dollars for its enforcement budget from the Legislature. Its director, Geoffrey Gonsher, wants dog and horse racing to pick up the tab, and bring the system up to national standards. "Crimminy! Three million dollars?" Said Taylor. "Do you know how many two dollar bets that would be? Let's see, that's three million...divided by...carry the two...13 billion!"

Oooo...Mathematics. Never an overlord strong suite, huh Forever?

Forever AKA Furry is very happy, friendly, outgoing, and affectionate. She likes to be petted and she likes to be near her foster family all the time. She is playful and active for a senior dog. She likes to go for walks. She has played with every toy in the house. She will throw the toys in the air and run after them. She will take them outside in the yard to play. She rubs her head on her foster family when she gets excited. Furry would do well in a working family home with well-mannered children, 5 and up. She really enjoys being around other dogs, and would be happiest with another dog in the home to keep her company or in a family with someone home more often if she is as only dog. She tends to be vocal when left alone, so she would do best in single family home – no condo. For more information about this dog, and other rescued racing greyhounds looking for homes, go here. If you don't know about the plight of racing greyhounds go here.


George said...

She will also hypnotize you if you look into her eyes.

Ironicus Maximus said...

We usually cruise through the pooches on the adoption list and pick two or three that we narrow down to the Friday choice, but as soon as we saw this girl, we knew she was the one.