Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Tancredo in 08. Why Do You Think They Call It the "White" House?

Whew! We were worried there for a second when we heard the Barack Obama had announced he was running for president (Slogan: Obama in 08. Who Needs Experience?). We thought, wow, a man running for president based on the fact that the media likes him...er...we mean a black man running for president based on the fact that the media likes him. Well, they like his clothes and his middle name. OK, they don't, but who cares? He's black! Welcome to the American Enlightenment. Well, sort of.

"I am considering this campaign because of my commitment to the voices in my head, to the white citizens of the United States, and to my good friend and mentor, Strom Thurmond," Republican Representative Tom Tancredo of Colorado said. When a reporter mentioned that the president has responsibilities that go beyond a single issue, Tancredo responded that he "could get people for that stuff."

Tancredo has been a leading voice in Congress against proposals for rational immigration policies, integration, mixed marriages and drinking fountains open to whites and blacks. He recently generated controversy by saying Miami resembled a third world country. "I meant that in a good way," he told reporters.

Tancredo visited the early caucus state of Iowa during the weekend. "Look at all these white people," he remarked at a rally. "I feel really at home here." None of the presidential candidates, he said, "reflects the grass roots, majority belief I have that the south should have won the civil war."

Tancredo said republican leaders had abandoned their racist principles and paid the price in November, when they lost control of Congress to democrats. When asked if he thought the war in Iraq might have also had something to do with republican losses he said, "War? What war?"

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