Friday, January 12, 2007

Friday Hound Blogging

Finally, some good news for the overlords. Arizona's gaming industry remains healthy, fueled by newcomers to the state, American Indian casinos and state lottery sales, according to the 2006-2007 North American Gaming Almanac.

Oh yeah baby! No more generic toilet paper for them! They may even be able to get screens for the windows. How much money does the article say they're going to get?

The horse and greyhound racing industries are slowly being left in the dust, the almanac reports.

Right On! Looks like easy street...wait a minute...what?

When it comes to Arizona's pari-mutuel revenues — money from greyhound, horse tracks and sports betting — the industries revenues are on the decline, said Brad Polan, industry analyst and lead researcher for the Almanac. "We're not sure if it's due to a decline in the number of people without teeth, or an increase in people who have an education beyond the sixth grade that's causing this."

"The pari-mutuel industry has stayed relatively stable in Arizona," Polan said. "But it looks like there has been a negative effect on the pari-mutuel sector." When asked how the industry could stay "stable" when it is undergoing a "negative effect" Polan said he wasn't sure because he had failed algebra in ninth grade.

Hmmm...Staying the same, but going backwards. Actually, that's not a bad description of the industry, huh Silver?

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Bongo Update: Bongo is very sweet and loving. He follows the Foster Mom all around the house and pushes his way in between other 2 greys in house for all the attention. He loves to look at himself in the mirror and throws his toys all around the house when he plays. He loves his squeaky toys. His foster mom is training him to sit and he’s ½ way there. He is very pretty and lovable. He jumps up and catches a toy and he likes to play tug-of-war. He’s always looking for squirrels in the yard and in the backfield. He will catch toys if you throw them up in the air.

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