Friday, January 05, 2007


Ha! You probably think we're just a bunch of slackers who drink too much and spend our days searching the internets for people to make fun of. Well, how wrong to you are.

OK, maybe you're not that wrong, but no matter because we are now privy to information concerning a top secret eyes only plan by the overlords to take back the teeth free, two dollar bet, social security trailer park crowd. Yes, folks, we're talking about the long awaited and much anticipated Greyhound Racing Industry (and Catering Service) Public Relations Campaign--known in the industry by the code name "Exanimate Ninnyhammer" and for your edification, enjoyment and general drinking pleasure we present the first three billboards in the campaign. The plan is to place these in the vicinity of senior rest homes, social services offices and hospitals.

Remember, you saw it on Ironicus, your 24/7 window on the world. If by 27/7 you mean when we're sober enough to see the keyboard, and if by window you mean whatever comes up on Google and if by world you mean between here and the liquor store.

1 comment:

James said...

And by 27/7, you mean that you've found the trick to drinking more in one day than most.

These are great billboards.