Friday, January 26, 2007

Friday Hound Blogging

It must be tough being an overlord sometimes. We mean, you get into the business thinking you're going to ride the units' backs all the way to easy street and 20 years later you're still living in a trailer park and eating Dinty Moore canned beef stew.

We would suspect this begins flavor your outlook on a lot of things after a while, which might explain why anyone could think this was a news story:

The Naples-Fort Myers Greyhound Track has spent the past month gearing up for season by undergoing several cosmetic improvements.

Most of the improvements had to do with fresh paint.

Yes, folks they applied a fresh coat of paint a couple of places, and that, in overlord world, is cause for thirty point headlines.

“We really didn’t do all that much — just some sprucing up for season,” Larry Baldwin, the track’s general manager said. “We try to do things like this every year. "Last year we replaced that toilet that's been missing from the ladies room since 1986. Next year we plan to open a rest room for men because that tree out there is really looking poorly."

“I only come here about once a year,” said Donna Wiltse, 73, of Au Gres, Mich. “I do like the shrubs and flowers on the infield. Especially when I think the money I lost here was what they used to buy them.”

Jim and Gregory Kolioupoulos of Clinton Township, Mich., also liked what they saw.
“The flowers and stuff makes it more attractive,” said Gregory Kolioupoulos. "Almost makes me forget I"m losing my rent money two dollars at a time."

Baldwin called the improvements minor, but hopes the work has a positive effect on people coming to the track. "We want people to leave here rested after they've lost their social security money for the month."

Yeah. And we bet you enjoyed the restful scene too as you were running for the man, huh buddy?

Buddy is really laid back, quiet, and easy going. He is a prefect gentleman. He knows many general commands. He likes attention and bonds quickly with is family. He will put his face in your lap for pets. He loves to chew on raw hides. Buddy has been in a home for over 7 ½ years and was returned after the family had a baby and they were concerned the baby would stress him. He has done very well in his foster home from the start. For more information about this dog, and other rescued racing greyhounds looking for homes, go here. If you don't know about the plight of racing greyhounds go here.

Bongo Update: Bongo would do best in a home with another average to larger size dog to keep him company, as he tends to be vocal when left alone. For that reason, he needs a single family home with someone home more often. He is good with well-mannered children, ages 5 and up. He would okay, as an only dog if someone were home more often to give him attention.

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