Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Merry Christmas To The Great Satan

Hmm..looks like the war on Christmas has gone global.

Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wished “all Christians happiness and prosperity on the occasion of the birth of the Christ,” according to an Iranian Student News Agency. “President Ahmadinejad’s Christmas greeting is nothing short of cynical,” said the Rev. Dr. Mr. Br. Fr. Keith Roderick, Christian Solidarity International Washington representative. "He's obviously using religion to further his political ends. That's just totally unacceptable to us, mainly because we don't need the competition."

Faith McDonnell, director of Religious Liberty Programs at The Institute on Religion & Democracy also found the Iranian president’s greeting “very troubling.” She is concerned that Ahmadinejad’s message will be misinterpreted – "See, if he’s a human being after all, greeting us Christians and talking about Jesus, how are we going to justfy blowing his country? And yes, Faith is my real name."

However, Dr. Ergun Caner, a former Muslim and current president of Liberty Theological Seminary in Virginia, explained that the Jesus Ahmadinejad spoke about is different than the Christian understanding of Jesus Christ. "See, their Christ is left handed."

Caner said there is a group of Muslims popular in Iran called the 12th Imam Shi’ites that believe Jesus never died, nor was he crucified but is instead living in seclusion on Tatoonie.

Ahmadinejad is known for his outspoken criticism of the Bush administration, denial of the holocaust, being a Yankees fan and for continuing the country’s uranium enrichment which he denies is for development of nuclear weapons. "Right. And then he goes and wishes us all a merry Christmas," said Roderick. "Jesus wouldn't pursue nuclear weapons after America told him not to. And not only that, everybody knows Christ is a Cubs fan."

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