Monday, June 22, 2009

Let Them Eat Cake. If They Can Afford It

You know it's times like these we are proud to be Americans. Sure times are tough, people are hurting and the cold winds of despair blow across the land, but anyone can be an American when times are good. It's times like these that real Americans step forward. Americans who embody all the great principals that have made this nation a beacon to the rest of the world. Americans like Cynthia Davis who doesn't just look at injustice and say "Why?" She looks at injustice and says, "Why not?"

So when the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services says, "current economic woes make Summer Food Service Program more important than ever," she's the first to speak up:
The implication suggests that during a recession, parents don’t give their children nutritious food.
Right. Why should we believe pesky government bureaucrats always up in our grill saying things like 12.9% of the population in Missouri is food insecure; there's a 13.0% Poverty Rate; and a 17.7% Child Poverty Rate.
The reverse may be true. During hard times, many families find it even more important to pull together. Families may economize by choosing to not waste hard earned dollars on potato chips, ice cream, or Twinkies. Perhaps some families will buy more beans and chicken and less sweets.
Of course it "may" "perhaps" also be true that during hard times families "economize" by just not eating at all so they can "waste hard earned dollars" on things like rent, electricity, gas and other non-essentials.
Is school the only place a child can get a nutritious meal? Parents have good reason to dispute the idea that their children will not receive a nutritious meal if they are not in a government institution.
Darn straight. All those kids who qualify for reduced lunches and such are just going to be hanging out at the MacDonalds now that school is out. Besides, Missouri is only seventh in the states with the highest percentage of food insecurity. How do you think we're going to get to number one if we keep feeding all these hungry little ragamuffins? Besides, kids in Missouri have it pretty good as it is.
Most parents put their children first, even ahead of themselves no matter what. If parents are laid off, that doesn’t mean they stop feeding their children, at least not any of the parents I know. Laid off parents could adapt by preparing more home cooked meals rather than going out to eat.
We couldn't agree more. Can't tell you how many times we've been in LoRusso's Cucina and here comes Tom and Ma Joad with their brood in for a batch of Fettuccine Pollo Asiago. And they get the wrong wine too.
They are using a “crisis” to create an expansion of a government program. Parents naturally love their children and enjoy caring for their children just as much as ever during an economic downturn.
People think government is the answer to everything. So what if parents are feeding their kids yesterday's Mac and cheese for breakfast because that's all that was on sale down at the Piggly Wiggly. They're doing it with love.
This program could have an unintended consequence of diminishing parental involvement. Why have meals at home with your loved ones if you can go to the government soup kitchen and get one for free?
Right again. Nothing breaks up a family faster then parents sending their kids down to feast on the government dime while they sit home and eat mud cookies. And gourmet mud cookies too, you know the ones where the dirt is trucked in from Hinche?
The estimated expense for all of these “free” meals for 2009 summer months is $9.8 million. The cost of each lunch meal is $3.1825, the cost of each breakfast is $1.8150, and the cost of each supplement is $0.7525. (They call a snack a “supplement”.) (Source: USDA Food and Nutrition Service/ Summer Food Service Program/ Reimbursement Rates for 2009). That money is coming from us.
Holy crap! Our tax dollars are going to feed hungry people? Who is responsible for this boondoggle? We can't afford this and the Center for Borane Technology too.

What is borane, anyway?
While nobody is disputing the benefits of nutritious food, why the presumption that parents are not providing nutritious food for their children? Even if they are not, who created a new rule that says government must make up for any lack at home?
Yeah. Suck it up kid. You think government is your mommy? Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, those are for old people. If you're hungry, get a job. Just because your parents are out of work doesn't mean you have to be.
The problem of childhood obesity has been cited as one of the most rapidly growing health problems in America. People who are struggling with lack of food usually do not have an obesity problem.
See? Hunger is really a government sponsored health program.
Hunger can be a positive motivator.
Sure can. Just ask Oliver Twist.

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Anonymous said...

Marie Antoinette actually never did say that but that is obviously not the point.
I find it horrific that the Republicans are the least kind in health care, education, science and environment. How dare the extreme religious right push for no condoms, no sex education, and absolutely bomb clinics performing legal abortions or at the very least, scare the hell out of them!. They , in fact, really do not give a damn about homeless children or indeed, adults, be they starving parents or grandparents . It is no wonder that pedophiles and drunkards and blatantly abusive "care takers" perform the "duties" of foster care". America is becoming known as the not so rich in mind and soul and a lot of it is due to the fraud of extreme right views.
A pox on the shallow and the heartless , that seems to be rooted in the the very corrupt South.

Seeing Eye Chick said...

I left an obsenity filled rant on Zaius Nation on this subject.

She is a cow of biblical proportion and shouldnt be left in charge of belly button lint.