Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Hound Blogging

Hey, you know what's fun? No, not that. Well, OK that is fun, but that's not what we meant. Look, clean it up a little will you? This is a family blog, not a republican senate caucus. Besides, there are probably some states where that's still illegal, even among consenting adults.

Now, where were we? Oh yeah, fun. Fun is watching the overlords sputter and spume every time a citizen writes into the local paper and points out that they are pilonidal cysts on the buttocks of polite society.

Case in point: Average citizen Ms. Susan McDowell took time out of her busy day working and making a positive contribution to society to opine in the Nashua Telegraph that having the state keep making the overlords' trailer payments was not the best way to invest int he future.
Live dog racing costs the state half a million dollars a year because it is no longer self-sufficient. We, the taxpayers, are forced to subsidize this private business activity much to our detriment.
Ouch. Overlords hate it when someone points out that they are net losses to their communities, right overlord commenter Lisa?
Ms. McDowell, where is your source that Grey Hound Racing is costing NH $500K???
Um...well, We guess the best source would be your very own Legislature, Miss overlord, ma'am. You know, the place where they make the laws and stuff?
New Hampshire's House of Representatives passed a budget amendment requiring dog tracks to start paying the costs of their own regulation. The tracks must either compensate the state one half million dollars a year, or suspend all live racing activities.
If you're an overlord, you need to maintain a fantasy that your chosen profession isn't the heartless, inhumane exploitation of innocent living creatures that it is, so you make up stuff to avoid the fact that you are barely human. The problem is overlords assume other people make up stuff too, so they tend to ask questions about obvious facts as overlord Lisa has done. It sort of goes with the job.

The other thing that overlords hate is when you impugn the care they give the As Ms. McDowell writes:
They also endure lives of terrible confinement, kept for 20 or more hours each day in cages barely large enough to turn around. Is this any way to treat man’s best friend?
Care to answer that question overlord Mike Cavanaugh?
Yikes.... Talk about propganda (sic). 20 hours in a cage. Sorry Susan, that is to be politically correct 'misinformation" And if I may dare to be so unpolitcally (sic) correct your intentally (sic) telling a falt (sic) out lie. How many familys (sic) place the "family pet" in a crate for several hours while their at work, perhaps add an hour ot (sic) two for shopping, pick up the kids or cash your check.
For those of you watching at home, "politically correct" is a high overlord insult, right up there with "high school graduate" which, from the spelling and grammar, you can see Mr. Cavanaugh handily avoided.

Also, if you put your pet in a crate with its favorite pillow, some toys and water for a few hours, then play with it when you get home, feed it good food, take it to the Veterinarian for shots and dental care, and maybe even let it sleep at the foot of the bed and have furniture privileges, that's the same as cramming up to 80 dogs on top of one another in wire crates with shredded newspaper as bedding, leaving them there until you take them en masse to an exercise yard, or cram them in a transporter to take to another track and sit in another crate until they have to race, day after day, year after year until the dog is used up.

Sort of like the similarity between going into your walk-in closet in the morning and standing there for a few minutes trying to decide what to wear, and being confined to a 6' x 8' cell on death row.

Another thing the overlords hate is when someone has the temerity to remind them that most people think the world would be a much better place if they actually contributed something of value, like when Ms. McDowell writes:
A Granite State Poll by the University of New Hampshire shows that 83 percent of state citizens support a budget amendment requiring dog tracks to either stop racing dogs or begin repaying the state the cost of regulation. The same poll also shows that 59 percent believe dog racing should be made a crime.
Overlords hate when that happens, right Santa's Little Helper?
I would like to see the details of that UNH poll to see how you are twisting these facts around. For you to quote statistics without the data to back it up is worthless.
Er...statistics are data SLH (may we call you SLH?). And as for the survey, well it wasn't done by the CIA, we mean, you can look it up yourself. Here, we'll help.

And finally, sometimes the overlords just get so flummoxed when a mirror is held up to them, they don't know what to say, but feel they need to say something, so you get responses like this one from overlord Peter:
Obama killed a fly. Why don't you go worry about that instead of greyhound racing.
Snappy overlord comebacks. Bet you heard a lot of that in the kennel, right Zillie?

Zillie seems very submissive. She is afraid if you carry a broom or something over your head. She is cautious, but will approach for pets and likes affection. Zillie would do well in a working family home, with well mannered children, 10 and up. She is good with other average to larger size dogs and is fine as an only dog. For more information about this dog, and other rescued racing greyhounds looking for homes, go here. If you don't know about the plight of racing greyhounds go here.


Michelle Young Cuenant said...

59% believe dog racing should be a crime, and that's just those that know about what it exactly entails. If everyone, truly, looked into the racetracks and the brutal injuries and mortal wounds and the rampant intentional neglect not to mention, the constant state of over -breeding, the only people left to disagree would be track owners.
We have changed laws for women to vote, for blacks to have liberty not to mention legalizing gay marriage . Never, ever say it is "the law" as laws must constantly change to stay with modern minds and ethics.
When it has been proven those with dogs live healthier and longer lives, life is telling you something. To not only ignore human and animal suffering but demand a continuation of it spells disaster for business and country alike. Time for the states with no conscience to look history in the eye and bow out.

Anonymous said...

"She is afraid if you carry a broom or something over your head."
This says it all.

Anonymous said...

Check out Grey2K website where letters are needed to stop Greyhound Racing in St. Kitts, Phillipines and South Africa.

Anonymous said...

Grey2k has finally got the "statistics" about the injuries, deaths, etc from recent racetrack tragedies.
There are plenty of videos out there documenting greyhounds trampled, broken and paralyzed, but if you have the stomach, look at the website. Immoral does not even come close.