Tuesday, June 23, 2009

In Which Ironicus Takes The Day Off Courtesy of Pat Buchanan

Oh, uncle Pat, you are such a card! Noogies on you, you rapscallion you! Frequent readers of this blog may remember a time when life didn't press down on them like a massive gray obelisk of despair...erm...we mean may remember a few days back when we discoursed on our good friend whom we don't know Pat, Throw 'Em Back In The Ocean Buchanan and his disquisition on Judge Sotomayor and her lack of capacity with the King's English. Well, not a King, more like a President's English. Well, not this President but you get the point.

So it turns our Mr. Buchanan decided to host a conference the other day with certain like minded individuals in which Judge Sotomayor's lack of language facility was again brought up to the amusement of all attending. Below is the banner under which these loquacious literacy linguaphiles cast their aspersions on the good judge:

That's Patty on the left next to some racist dude who just wandered in because he heard people singing Dixie. Check out the spelling of conference...er...we mean conferenece.

See, a "conferenece" is a conference for white people and if you don't understand, you're probably bilingual or something.

Hey Patty boy, here's sign for you:

Have a nice day, avetrol.

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