Friday, May 04, 2012

Friday Hound Blogging

You know, one thing you have to admit when it comes to the overlords is when they get an idea, they don't give up on it. Of course when you only have one idea that makes it a little easier, still if this was a movie, we'd be leaving now because this is where we came in.

On the other hand, rubes is rubes and when your highest achievement in life is separating retirees, the disabled and functional illiterates from their rent money two dollars at a time, you sort of have to dance with who brung you, if you take our point and we think you do. So enter uber overlord John Walker and his posse.

A local group isn't giving up on trying to get the Wichita Greyhound Park up and running again. They're taking their campaign to Topeka, hoping to convince lawmakers to approve gambling at the park."Hey, these are people who think there are aborted fetuses in food," Walker told reporters. "Convincing them greyhound racing is something so called sentient beings should be engaged in will be easy."

Oh yeah. And aren't these the same folks who want to give voting rights to zygotes? You may have a point there Mr. overlord sir. OK so it looks like the heartless exploitation of innocent creatures for profit exciting sport of greyhound racing is about to return to the Sunflower state. Pretty exciting, huh Kevin Dalton?
Dalton says, sorry, but Kansas is not the place to raise racing greyhounds any longer...“If there are investors out there owning dogs, they are not going to raise them in Kansas. Why would you?
 Oh you said it Kevin baby! You take a legislature with the combined IQ of puffed wheat, animal cruelty activists like overlord Walker and...wait a minute, what did you say?
Dalton’s solution was to find another occupation, which seems to be the wave of the future for greyhound owners and trainers in the area. Dalton isn’t the first to hang up the muzzles for another instrument.
 But...but...John's in Topeka. You may never have a group of lawmakers this clueless again, and the rubes, think of the rubes, man! It's the perfect storm of stupidity and cold hearted callousness!
“In December of 1999 there were 6,900 and some odd members of the NGA,” he said. “The December Review of 2011 said there were 1,400 members. The February Review of 2012 said there were 1,100 members. Where is it going to be in 10 years? Is there going to be anything left?”
 Whoa. An overlord who can do math. No wonder he's getting out, huh Jack?

Jack is a very friendly, outgoing boy who loves everyone he meets. He loves to play with his foster Greyhounds and Rat Terrier. He is cat safe. Jack loves to play with his stuffies by throwing them up in the air and catching them and chewing on Nylabones. He wags his tail like crazy. He has learned to “roo” and “roach.” He bonds very quickly. He does not do well being crated. Jack would do best in a home where someone would be able to be home with him all or most of the day as he does have separation issues. He would do well with older children as he may knock small children down when he gets excited. He would probably do best with another dog to keep him company. For more information about this dog, and other rescued racing greyhounds looking for homes, go here. If you don't know about the plight of racing greyhounds go here.


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