Friday, December 09, 2011

Friday Hound Blogging

Hey did you hear? The economy's getting better. Well, except for the part that isn't. OK, the point is, if there's even a glimmer of hope that America isn't about to become a dystopian desertscape of ruined cities full of marauding packs of  feral children abandoned to a Lord of the Flies existence when all the adults were killed off in the last great resource war the overlords figure people will want to renew their commitment to watching innocent animals suffer needless injury and die painful meaningless deaths because...entertainment! Right Tracy Wildey?
"Well, obviously it's at Wichita Greyhound Park and Phil Ruffin is the owner of the greyhound park," says Wildey. "So he is the one that would put the money out." The money would be an investment of $100 Million. So, with an investor in place, the "grassroots" group called WichitWins wants to get slots at the dog track back into the hands of voters. Voters said no in 2007.
 Can't argue with that logic Mr. Wildey. It says Greyhound Park right up there on the sign, so greyhounds it is. Well, and slots which is, of course, implied by the greyhound sign, so it's not like you're changing anything, you know, logical wise and all that. That whole voters said no thing seems to be a bit of a hiccup though, don't you think?
"We believe voters were very distinct in not wanting a casino in Sedgwick County," explains Wildey. "However we don't believe that the track question on electronic games at the race track was clear. That question lost by less than 250 votes so our answer is: We would like more of a clear vote on that."
Understandable, understandable. After all, the folks in  Sedgwick County said "no" to you in 2007, but that could be misconstrued as indicating they meant "no." Definitely needs to be cleared up. Hey, who knows how many of those 250 folks have died or moved away, right?
"The complex would feature wagering on greyhound dog racing, slot machine gaming and other amenities," explains Wildey. "It would create 500 new jobs and produce new tax revenue for the state of Kansas."
Hmm...that sounds a little rosy. You must not be using the Florida model as your predictive basis.
"Greyhound racing is a dying industry. Since 2004, tax revenue from live dog racing has declined by 72 percent and paid attendance dropped 69 percent."
 Darn. If only that sign didn't say Greyhound Park they might be able to come up with something that might actually make a little money, huh Tipsy?

Tipsy is very playful and snuggly. He has a lot of energy for a senior dog. He is friendly and affectionate—he will look for people if they’ve left the room. He will approach to have his ears scratched. He smiles when it is supper time. Tipsy would do well in a working family home with older, well-mannered children, 10 and up. He is good with other dogs of all sizes and would probably be fine as an only dog. For more information about this dog, and other rescued racing greyhounds looking for homes, go here. If you don't know about the plight of racing greyhounds go here.

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