Monday, May 07, 2012

Well, As Long As She Gets The Prafit And Lass Statement Done On Time

It is apparently another Monday here in the marbled halls of IM Central. We could be wrong. Echoes of the last 48 desultory hours are still reverberating through our crainii like bowling balls in an empty barrel falling down metal stairs. And it's raining. Of course it's raining.

We tell you all this by way of reminding you that as slovenly, Cheeto encrusted bloggers we are not going to work very hard to bring you your daily dose of time wasting pixel torture with which we usually fill this space. And it turns out we don't have to, illustrating once again that age old saying, god watches over children and fools. We'll leave it to you to assign us a category there, as we're in a bit of a hurry to get this done before the Sponge Bob marathon starts.
A group that raised more than $5,000 to fight a $30 million bond referendum for a new Franklin library gave those on the other side a reason to snicker. “Citizens Apposed to the Library Project” filed their official financial disclosure documents April 20 with the Johnson County clerk.
 In a related story, the group cancelled plans to make a Powerpoint presentation at the next City Council meeting outlining their concerns. The title of the presentation was to be "Pleeze Let Me Be Stoopid."
The group made the same “apposed” spelling error in a document filed on March 28.
Kyle Kasting, a spokesman for the group, said the mistake was understandable as no one in the office had a dictionary. When it was pointed out to him that there were several dictionaries in the library,  Kasting said it was unrealistic to expect illiterate people to view the library as a resource. He added that the spelling errors were an oversight by the treasurer.

The treasurer?  Dude, you let a person who can't tell her A from her O  keep track of your money? This is not helping your argument.

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