Thursday, May 03, 2012

We Have Christian Music, Why Not Christian Comedy?

Apparently, if Christ returned today he'd be a stand up comedian. We say this because of the high degree of humor and jocularity extant in his church. Witness one Sean Harris, man of god who, while recently sermonizing at the Berean Baptist Church in North Carolina on the latest efforts of the heathen butt pirates to infect god fearing good christian folk with their gay virus opined that if any in the congregation observed less than manly behavior in their sons, said sons should have the nascent gay knocked out of them.

As you might imagine there were those in the crowd who sort of remembered something Jesus said about neighbors and something else about children so they asked the good reverend for a little clarification.
Harris said he was joking when he told parents to punch their sons if they show any signs they are gay.
HAHAHAHAHA! You knucklehead! Beat up your kids if they act gay! What a knee slapper! We're sure Jesus fell off his throne laughing when he heard that. And god. Well, dude probably peed himself. We're not sure the holy spirit gets humor, being, you know, a spirit and all and not human. Might be a sort of Spock thing going on there.
He says he stands by his belief that "the word of God makes it clear that effeminate behavior is ungodly."
Now, all joking aside the good pastor has a point here. We looked it up and in Paul's second letter to Erastes of Eromenos he clearly states, "Who so ever shall swishith shall be deemed an abomination before the lord, but who so ever shall butch it up shall be rewarded with gifts of leather, and tickets to the Village People."

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LOL!!! Loved it. "Swisheth"