Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Some People Need More To Do

We're going to take a short time out today from slooshing through the inter toobz to do a little bureaucratic work and point out that a while back, in one of our more unlubricated moments, we were able to attach a Followers tab to this blog. We were quite proud of this and immediately set off to celebrate at the local adult beverage emporium.

A few days later it hit us that a Followers tab should have, you know, followers. Now, we have never underestimated the ability of readers of this blog to make bad decisions, but it occurred to us that publicly associating oneself with a blog whose major accomplishment is the complete lack of any redeeming social value might be a bit much , even for those who stumble across this blog by Googling donkey sex.

But if you look over to the right you'll see that there is a group of people who have thrown caution (and good taste) to the winds and placed their moniker right out there in front of god and everybody.

Well, there's no accounting for taste thinks us. Still, knowing there are people out there willing to risk the disapprobation of those who have a sense of decorum and stand with us is flattering and we appreciate it. Or maybe it's frightening and we should be worried. We haven't actually met these people you know and the application process for appearing in the tab isn't what one would call rigorous.

Be that as it may, we sing out a hearty hale and well met.

If you look down at the bottom of the page and click on the link, you'll also notice that those with blogs that attempt to add to the public discourse in a positive way have, perhaps unwittingly, allowed their efforts to be connected to us. We particularly like the photo here, but the horse?
We don't associate with animals that are big enough to look us in the eye.

The cape though, is a different matter. We may have to look into that.


scripto said...

OK. I'm in. Now we are seven. Did I win something?

Anonymous said...

I hate to be connected to anything but when I saw the "low standards" it definitely caught my eye.
Personally, the helmut is a definite stunner and the horse( with cape) is almost just too profound.
Thrilled that people take courage in what one writes.
Keep on keeping on.

James said...

I'm in too.

Anonymous said...

Love the pix and banter altho' "Donkey Sex" was an easy draw. We oldster Catholics are still trying to figure things out. But if Chris Matthews can own up, so can I.
Glad to see a Revolution. Now get back to the Pope condemning "selection" when we all know the Vatican has been racist and sexist , since the beginning of time.("Nuns are the most important women.")
Tell that to all the Americans, Canadians and Brits who fought in World War 11, on the battleground or behind it!

Ironicus Maximus said...

Well, OK. If you all say so, but we're doing the driving, so no monkey business in the back there, and we hope everyone's been to the bathroom.

Michelle Young Cuenant said...

We are all flattered to have you speaking on our behalf ! You are contagious; inspiring; mind boggling in your newsworthiness and opinions and thereafter; and you most always, are, right on the button. You are what most blogs can only hope to achieve on a weekly basis, never mind daily. In short, IM, the only thing I regret is finding you so late in life! Plus, you love Greyhounds! Honest to God, is that a perfect score or what!

Seeing Eye Chick said...

I came here because I thought there would be Donkey Sex.

What a Jip!


WV: erota.

It seems the imp of the perverse has seen fit to smile down upon your blog--even without the Donkey Sex.