Tuesday, April 28, 2009

If You Think Our Fund Is Ilegal, Wait Until You See Our Lawyers

Frequent readers of this blog know that what if look their parents get when they wish they'd known more about the dangers of lead paint years ago...erm...we mean know that we like to track the splash the drops of bad karma make as they fall on the overlords like guano from a seagull. Well, it seems making your trailer payment with the blood of innocent animals isn't the only way to overdraw your account at the bank of cosmic balance.

You may remember one Sarah Palin, attractive young women, ran for Vice President with some guy McCabe, or McCale, or McCain, something like that. It was in all the papers. Anyway, it seems her quest was beset with a series of unfortunate events.

Now, even though the fickle finger of fate has quite clearly poked governor Palin in the eye and moved on, the stale and slightly bilious smell of failure hangs about her like teabaggers outside the Ayn Rand Institute.

The conservative group Free American Citizens has created a questionable legal defense fund for Alaska governor Sarah Palin, apparently to raise money off her popularity.

So she's a popular person who needs a legal defense fund. What's that make her, Alaska's version of Bonnie Parker?

"The official legal defense fund for governor Sarah Palin has not been formed and the governor cannot send signed prints of her latest moose kill, or invitations to ride along in aerial wolf hunts from any other entity than the one in formation,” spokeswoman Meg Stapleton said in a statement. “Numerous federal and state laws need to be abided by and the official legal defense fund will have very strict donation guidelines. Of course, not paying attention to numerous federal and state laws is why we need a legal defense fund in the first place, so maybe the governor still isn't clear on the concept.”

Palin’s staff said Free American Citizens did not contact either her political action committee or her governor’s office before announcing its formation. "We're not sure how that link got on our website. Maybe senator Stevens can explain," said one aide.

The group, which did not respond to requests for comment, is staffed by two people — one in federal prison, and another in Weatherford, Texas, according to its website. Donations are directed to a P.O. box in Texas which was registered to a homeless man.

Palin owes more than $500,000 in legal fees, stemming from the so-called troopergate investigation and other ethics probes in Alaska. She’s planning to form a legal defense fund to help pay those fees, Stapleton said, but has yet to do so. "Right now she's busy...ah...negotiating with Levi."

Free American Citizens claims that all funds raised will go to her legal defense. But because the group is not an official legal defense fund, neither Palin nor her attorneys can accept funds from the group to help cover the governor’s legal costs.

Hmmm...an illegal defense fund to defend her against charges she did a bunch of illegal things. You know there's a certain reassuring republican consistency to that.

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Seeing Eye Chick said...

I would send money to Charlie-Kiss-My-Face-Manson first. I mean he can play the crazy card--but her---well stupid is forever like diamonds and herpes.

Watching Palin evade questions at the debate between her and Biden was infuriating. The Audacity of Alaskan Barbie to assume that everyone else in this country is dumber than she is, and therefore will never catch on to her Master-Plan.

Then there was the whole *Africa is a Country Spoof. I want my president to be at least MORE geographically literate than I am. After Bush, I have low standards, but she couldnt even cut those.

And then there is the whole Witch Hunt Scenario released from her church from a Bona-Fide Witch Hunter from the Country of "Africa." And the Rape Victims having to pay to have their rape kits processed. And that Whole claiming to be A feminist while taking rights away from Women. Uh--okay? I will let you use an F Word Palin, but not Feminist. No you have to use a different one, like Fuc-Tard.

And the crap about being in Alaska and seeing Russia's underpants from her backdoor, and then her supporters--read lobotomized Barbie Zombies, who thought this gave her some kind of psuedo military experience tactically speaking because of Air Force Bases in Alaska, conveniently forgetting other states that house TACAMO OPs, CIA Listening Stations, Nuclear missile Silohs--Hell Bill Richardson has a UFO landing Pad in his backyard, that should trump all that other bullshit.

My observations indicate to me, that I should avoid letting her wash my car, much less run my country.