Thursday, April 16, 2009

On The Bright Side, It Could Be A Sign Mental Health Services Are Improving

OK, let's see how we did. Total number of teabaggers: 262,025

Number of people who live in Anchorage, Alaska (not counting seals and polar bears) 275,043



Anonymous said...

With a pix of Glen Beck, finally caving to the realities of Democrats and their powers, it's called "nervous breakdown" from which the only return is his unnerving income. (upon which he, hopefully, is the top 5%.)

ZIRGAR said...

Glenn Beck is the Rip Taylor of the right, what with his hysterical antics, overly-dramatic presentations and his entire kitschy shtick. He's faaaabulous! lol

a concerned citizen said...

Obviously the protests worked if they got your attention. Looks like it got Barack's attention, too. Check out huffingtonpost