Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Bachmann/Wurzelbacher in 2012 Because Crazy People Need A Voice

OK, so Michele Bachmann is running around the country trying to incite a "slave" revolt when not explaining her fear of "re-education camps" to that paragon of logical analysis and insightful discourse Glenn Beck.

While she's doing that, Joe the (not) Plumber is in Pennsylvania campaigning against the Employee Free Choice Act, which he admits he knows nothing about.

You can't make this stuff up.

UPDATE: We have learned that Michele Bachmann was, in fact, reelected in her district even though her opponent was actually a tree stump, and even though she lost the two debates they had, residents of the district voted for her anyway because she threatened to move back and live in the district if they didn't.


Anonymous said...

It's incredible that the top people in Republican theatre( and I do mean theatre) are Joe the Plumber, Michele Bachmann, Glen Beck and Sarah Palin. (Newt and Limbaugh are just too old and too stale not to mention one being an utter drug addict.)
Alas, the height of the drama was not Levi confessing that good old Sarah is not so puritanical or frigid afterall, (and there goes the extreme right) but that Beck is actually a sobbing, out of control, " hissy fit" and perhaps, woman.
If Reagan could only see it all on horseback , he'd be back at the ranch branding and separating the fools from the misfits . It gives a new meaning to whips and spurs; and it makes the real smart cattle head for the Hills...in the name of Democrat.

Anonymous said...

What I find so harmful is that all these Republicans are calling for violence with guns, or riots or inciting vengeance but against whom? I assume they are trying to say "terrorists", but when attacking an American political party, such as Democrats, Democrats are not terrorists. Islam is not terrorist. And Keith and Stewart are not terrorists.
In my opinion, all these low class and unread and uncultured boors are terrorists and they are doing it for the fame and the money.