Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's The Whackamole Corollary To The Bush Doctrine

For the 432nd time coalition forces have killed the number two al Qaida leader in Iraq. "We have killed the number two man before, and we're going to keep killing him as long as we have to," said U.S. Rear Adm. Patrick Driscoll, spokesman for the Multi-National Force in Iraq.

A spokesperson for the Number Two Man Training Facility outside of Mosul had no immediate comment.

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Anonymous said...

This is precisely why Bush and people like McCain push for war...the former probably likes to think in terms of old fraternity competitions (boozing) and how long it lasts before you puke, and the latter just likes to "thug it out", preferably with a lotta ships and Cindy cheerleading with racism.
God forbid Palin and her guns gets into the mix with her husband who also liked alcohol (not to mention abuse). It's just one more red neck square dance...fiddles, geetars, and spurs.
But let's not forget one main attraction and that might be "Trig" (Trigger?) loading up those chambers, while Bristol (Pistol?) keeps rolling them out for enlistment.
Yippee yi yo.....what a team!