Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday Hound Blogging

Someone once told us that politics makes strange bedfellows. We thought they were talking about senator Larry Craig, but then we remembered that was a bathroom, not a bedroom, so we were confused. Yesterday though, we ran across this article about some of the strange bedfellows the overlords have attracted and we thought about another slogan, this one from the cold war called Mutually Assured Destruction, or MAD. In Massachusetts though it must mean Mutually Attractive Dumbness.

Nancy Fisk is a dog lover, but don’t dare call her an animal rights advocate.

OK. Does that mean she loves dogs...for dinner?

The longtime breeder and dog show exhibitor would like to see greyhound racing continue — partly because she feels the dogs love it, partly because she fears its death could mean that dog shows and other competitions would get axed next. “Our concern is this is an incremental step toward stopping what we do,” said Fisk.

Oh. Well, we're certain the dogs will be most happy continuing to get injured, killed and sold to medical research by the thousands so you aren't inconvenienced.

Fisk, an Akita Inu breeder whose kennel club meets in Raynham, said she supports animal welfare but not animal rights. “Animals are not people with fur suits,” she said.

Oh, yeah? You haven't met our friend Ned.

“I think somebody who has a fundamental problem with racing is going to have the same fundamental issues with other sports,” said Holly Stump, a Massachusetts Federation of Dog Clubs and Responsible Dog Owners board member from Ipswich. "I mean, sure we don't kill the dogs like the racing people do, we just breed all sorts of life threatening conditions (pdf) into them so they can have pretty coats."

Well, at least no one cared what you looked like as long as you ran fast, huh Ellie?

Ellie is quiet, friendly, gives kisses, snuggles, & lays down by you. She will let you spoon her and will move to be with you. She is a very sweet & quiet girl. Ellie would be great in a home where she is not alone more than 6 or 7 hours. She is good with well-mannered children, 6 and up. She is good with other dogs and is fine as an only dog. For more information about this dog, and other rescued racing greyhounds looking for homes, go here. If you don't know about the plight of racing greyhounds go here.


Anonymous said...

It never ceases to stun me and a billion others, how politics and republicans smear everything to bring the show down.
Who says people hate dog shows? Globally, it is extremely "entertaining", particularly when there are no broken limbs, electrocutions and they go home to their owners' farms, planes, yachts or beaches!
Dog shows have been born in the Victorian ages where people respected and cherished their hounds. It followed to New York and was an international success.
All breeds are portrayed in their very best states, in physique, health and beauty. And only those with no scruples and morality, would breed a dog, otherwise. It would not be to their benefit. And if perverting the dog, they should be jailed.
With racing, the dogs are dragged out to work as fast and as hard as possible. It is no fun to never have a permanent owner and to never have permanent status and to never have the same opportunity to be homed. Greyhounds need companions like every emotional animal and to be shifted about with endless desires from irresponsible people who care little what happens to Greyhounds after they have had their day when they are tossed, shot or as IM does state, used for medical research, does NOT happen to show dogs and they all know it! Millions at dog shows, including many judges I know, support banning all this cruelty to Greyhounds...Racing is NOT a is a massacre of hounds and anyone pretending otherwise, is not only cruel, and ignorant, but a criminal in my opinion, who inflicts constant stress and pain on a docile, sweet dog.
Greyhound Racing must end and now. All the education and knowledge is out there and only the brutal demand it to stay.
Intentional harm is intentional harm, and that is exactly what Greyhound racing has been and will always be. Anyone who calls it anything else is not only a liar , but a subhuman creep.

Anonymous said...

I hope that some of the
Judges of numerous types of canine competitions will respond to this blog as the timing is absolutely ripe with not only the elections, but the future of Greyhound Racing in Massachusetts and elsewhere. If we are to assume ourselves among nations, progressive and humanitarian and also Green, Fisk and her ilk must be condemned for weak and dishonest associations.
It appears to me that not only do too many women, in particular, from the Republican parties, scream antics and false accusations to merely gain a buck, a piece of power or fame, which contributes so shallowly to the botox and wardrobe parades. .(Hasselbeck, Bachman, Dole, Palin) but also revel in twisted imaginations to propel themselves into a distorted limelight.
There is nothing more "Godless" than an inhuman heart and there can be no more "Terrorism" than on a track going 45 miles an hour with packs of dogs railed in frenzied motion.
Quite simply, if you love your own dog, you must end Greyhound racing. To continue it is just one more fake announcement of deception and one more reason to ultimately vote Democratic.
The desperation and the utter stupidities of comments such as Fisk's have , as usual, nothing to do with the subject and least of all, any concern at all, what happens to these Greyhounds as a result.
Once again, shame on Republicans everywhere. Once again, let's get the economy going in an intelligent way as opposed to keeping dogs and people, in misery and slavery. And once again, perhaps this Nation can be universally respected not to mention , so wonderfully "Great".


Anonymous said...

Someone just informed me that there is great fear among Dog Shows that P.E.T.A. is trying to close down all forms of animal abuse and crating is believed to be a form of it.
Nevertheless, after all the Republican rubbish, one can only be ultimately confused if not suspicious, the timing of Fisk's blatant statements.
IM, are there any distinctions between Democrats and Republicans regarding Greyhound Racing? Has there ever been a survey concerning these parties and which promotes what?
The Humane Society is for Obama. What about Greyhound Racing workers and owners and breeders?

Ironicus Maximus said...

...are there any distinctions between Democrats and Republicans regarding Greyhound Racing? ...

It shouldn't be too hard to figure out. Sarah Palin thinks shooting wolves from airplanes is a restful way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Anonymous said...

I just talked to a dog writer and a judge and they both have said it is the Democrats pushing racing.
I find that astonishing considering in the South it seems to be the exact opposite.
Keep us posted to this MA vote. It is revolting Greyhound racing exists at all.