Thursday, October 02, 2008

Rule #1: When Called To A Battle Of Wits, Don't Go Unarmed

Are you as excited about tonight's Vice Presidential debate as we are? Of course you're not, you have a life. Wait, you're reading this blog. Maybe you are as excited about tonight's Vice Presidential debate as we are. You watch NASCAR for the crashes don't you? Go on, admit it.

And speaking of crashes, let's go to the video tape.

Oh, this may be even too good for a drinking game.

Republican Sarah Palin and Democrat Joe Biden share the same stage in a vice presidential debate on Thursday, but the spotlight will be on the untested Palin as she tries to ease doubts about whether she is up to the job. "We feel pretty certain she'll have her shoes on the right feet this time," said a McCain campaign aide who asked not to be identified.

McCain's surprise choice in August of the spectacularly unqualified Palin as his No. 2 rallied conservative support for the Republican ticket and turned the moose-hunting Alaska governor into a political celebrity because it enabled them to forget about who their presidential candidate was for a while, but them McCain started following Palin around the campaign trail, and pulled her favorable ratings down.

Palin hopes a solid debate performance can halt Obama's momentum and erase doubts about her ability to step into the top job if needed. "And by 'solid' we mean she's able to say Ahmadinejad without spitting on anyone," a McCain aide told reporters from in front of the five inch thick glass the McCain campaign uses to keep Palin separated from the press.

"I look forward to tomorrow night, getting to speak to Americans about the very, very, clear choice that they will have on November 4th," Palin told conservative talk show host Sean Hannity on his radio program. "On the one hand there's Obama and Biden, imagination and experience, and on the other there's George Burns and Gracie Allen." Later a spokesperson for the McCain campaign explained that Palin had been a a joke.

McCain lashed out in a testy interview with the Des Moines Register editorial board in Iowa on Tuesday when asked about conservative qualms about Palin.

"I haven't detected that, haven't detected that in the polls, haven't detected that among the base," he said. "Of course I don't read the polls or have a base anymore, so my information may be a little dated."

Palin and Biden have spent several days off the campaign trail to prepare. Palin has been at Professor Higgin's School for the Verbally Challenged and Biden at home in Delaware.

Obama aides said they have studied her debates during her 2006 campaign for governor of Alaska. "Anyone who has watched any of her earlier debates would agree she is a skilled debater," Obama campaign manager David Plouffe said. Shortly afterward paramedics were called when Plouffe became short of breath from laughing.


Anonymous said...

George Burns and Gracie Allen is a good representation...but Gracie was far more elegant and so was George...not to mention, he kept Gracie, not vice versa.
As a democratic strategist cautioned...far better to go after McCain than Palin. She is merely a deviation Republicans want you to take who is trying to be catchy in her Audrey Hepburn buns and Valentino jackets. The news is Biden looks good in jeans and t-shirts and his mind is way sharper than Palin's shoe closet. To ignore her is far better than taking her do not condescend; you do not pretend she is equipped; and you send her back to "Idaho".
If the Democrats stay cool and listen to the rythmn, in the words of Chris Rock: "With all that a.., she can't even shake it."

Anonymous said...

Sarah once said quite emphatically( and quite easily, may I add), ..."the Palin-McCain ticket"...interestingly enough...she said it tonight, once again... when she wants to extend the powers of the vice president!...She also mentioned , with big smiles and her cute , contrived , wrinkled nose,the name V.P. Cheney as if drinking some fine wine.... it gave her shivers and spiked one of those "fevers"...(despite the fact Biden took her on and said Cheney was a dangerous moron.)..She had that dreamy, winky, wicked look, hoping she can scoot into that high-styled position.
Americans saw Palin, once again, on stage, ditch her newborn to her five-year old. A vote is a vote, no matter how wrong or at fault, ...and oh so close, for this ruthless, hick turned cold "terminator".
If the religious right and hockey moms vote (not to mention big business) in her favor...there'll be wars untold, and pollution, uncontrolled, and wildlife erased forevermore.
But that's what you get, and by the way, "what the heck"... let's give "the shout out"..Wasilla starts with "W" . It could just mean "Washington"; or it could just mean "War"....or it could just mean absolute USA disintegration .
(But , by the way, Biden did hold his mouth and for that he deserves President.)