Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday Hound Blogging

Regular readers of this blog know that hope is a four letter mean know about George Carney, overlord extraordinaire and frequent focus of our attention. It seems Mr. Carney's state, Massachusetts, has been less that appreciative for all the years of wholesome entertainment he has provided. In fact, they appear to be downright ungrateful.

Well, a fella can only take so much and now Mr. Carney has had enough.

With less than four weeks until election day, Raynham-Taunton Greyhound Park owner George Carney is launching a counterattack against a state ballot question that would shut down his race track by January 2010. "Come out to the track some afternoon," Carney told reporters at a hastily called news conference. "Take a look at the kind of people who come to a greyhound race, and then ask yourself do you want those people wandering around your neighborhood with nothing to do?"

Carney's effort to defeat the so-called Greyhound Protection Act - Question 3 on the Nov. 4 ballot - is being led by media consultant Glenn Totten, who owns his own computer. When asked
why the late start for those who want to keep the dog tracks open, Totten said, "We assumed the question wouldn't get on the ballot." Asked if the narrow defeat of a similar proposal in 2000, the 150,000 signatures collected to get the measure on the ballot this year and the court decision weren't clues, Totten replied that he "didn't have cable at home so I miss a lot of the news."

Carney has said that his operation has 650 full- and part-time employees and that there are 1,000 jobs supported by dog tracks statewide. "And in this economy, where are these people going to find low wage no benefit jobs?" Carney said last week. "Especially given the fact that most of them don't have any skills."

Both sides are also debating the number of greyhounds that are adopted when they retire from racing. Carney recently paid for a newspaper ad that said 100 percent of the greyhounds that are adopted from his track are adopted. "I stand by my statement," Carney said.

The Committee to Protect Dogs recently released a statement that 800 dogs were injured at Massachusetts tracks since 2002, suffering broken legs, paralysis, and even cardiac arrest. Totten didn't dispute the committee's figures, but said the group doesn't provide the whole picture. "They don't tell you about the dogs that get hurt in the kennels, or in fights due to lack of supervision, or become ill because of poor sanitation and diet." At that point Mr. Careny stepped in a took the microphone explaining that Mr. Totten appeared to be somewhat unclear on the "concept of public relations."

Oh, we don't know. Maybe it's Mr. Careny that's unclear. What do you think Whistler?

Whistler is friendly and outgoing. He loves attention. He is pretty calm and pretty confident. He is very affectionate and loves cuddling and following his family around the house; he’s a shadow. He is a Second Chance at Life Dog from the Coldwater Prison Program. Whistler would do well in a working family home with well-mannered children, 5 and up. He is good with other average to larger size dogs and would probably be fine as an only dog. For more information about this dog, and other rescued racing greyhounds looking for homes, go here. If you don't know about the plight of racing greyhounds go here.

And if you 'd like to know more about the good work the Second Chance at Life program is doing for the dogs, and the prisoners, go here.


Anonymous said...

Tell Whistler to look at Carney posing with a "concrete" Greyhound. (must be his great public relations again)...Maybe the guy has never seen one alive, dead or moving...whatever....he is looking compassionately and almost hugging that "statue"...I think someone should try and pry him off of all his "false-gods" and "golden cows".... better known to the human in us as good old "cash registers."

Anonymous said...

That is so funny. And check out this hilarious commentary:

Gut-busting stuff. Think I'll start a blog to make fun of the folks who are losing their jobs at the Big Three. Who else is in?

Keep the jokes coming, you guys slay me...

Anonymous said...

I hope that you are not making fun of people who might lose their jobs. Remember then you will be supporting them through unemployment and welfare. So make sure you go to work everyday so these people will get benefits in order to live. Lets also talk about the dogs, isn't that the point of the ballot question? These dogs by law in MA cannot be put down. Yes there is a law stating that. When people finally open their eyes to the lies and false truths only then can an intelligent conversation be had.

Anonymous said...

By law, it is also cruelty to animals to confine dogs for more than 20 hours a day. By law, you are not to electrocute, beat, break legs , ankles spines and hips just for "the fun of it". (note pit bull ring masters and also steroid injected horses)
By law, every human who supports a President who intentionally lies, cheats or scams, should be held accountable, along with the masses that supported all the illegal acivites involved.
By law, Palin is going to pay, if just reputation wise, for her abuse of power and perhaps violations of environmental desecrations.
By law, YOU should be helping the uneducated find jobs that train well and give these unemployed a future.
By law, THAT is what taxes should pay for...not abuses, scandals the rich and the shady who , by the way, in the words of cop Patch..."help to keep them off the street."
But just "by conscience", violent deeds make violent people...and this has been documented for centuries. Perhaps you are willing for your taxes to make more prisons...I am more willing to prevent such barbaric acts.
Greyhound racing has become a desperate activity for prostitutes and gangs and drugs and the "forgotten". Let's get people educated, as that alone, drives them into a different style and occupataion.

Anonymous said...

Please keep this conversation's looking like all the " blank notes" are coming up roses.
It is amazing to me how "distractions" entertain so many "ill-equipped"...and I am directly talking about the already, uneducated rich, taking yet one more extreme right turn.
They are the ones who want to keep the poor , poorer, the the rich, richer, and if you do not believe that, look at Exxon and McCain.
Yes, we are talking dogs AND people...for without the people, these dogs would not be slaves.
They were never meant for round tracks and cocaine, let alone used as a cheap commodity to be shot after "their time" (their time being about 3)
Their history was revered by kings and queens and princes as only they would treat them with compassion and all due respect.
So , here we go again.
You, the "pseudo-embarked" speaking on a wrong mission of trying to stop a beastly, tortuous trade when ALL Greyhounds are tossed by this ill-begotten industry, up to be "rescued" and if not, to be executed...through beatings, or shotguns and let's not forget "Alabama 3,000" so conveniently forget real facts that keep this poverty driven business alive.
Quite personally, people like you, and all the twits and fake "neutrals", make me absolutlely sick and I, quite emphatically, hope Carney and all his white trash, go slithering into to hell.

Ironicus Maximus said...

Hey, great video. We particularly liked the part where she said she might have to "relocate" to some place where her "skills" were in demand.
Not to worry. We believe she could be retrained to say "Welcome to Walmart" in six or eight weeks.

Anonymous said...

IRONICUS MAXIMUS....please keep this blog going...I would like Grey2k to get involved....can you contact some members and also Susan Netboy, who as you well know...are in the Greyhound Protection League?Let's give this all we got, Baby! Time for all these "southern dinks" and "inbreds" to get a life without killing Greyhounds.
And now, let's get JOHN PARKER, who obviously always knew about the defibrillators, starvation and perhaps even "garbage dumps" where the only recycling is over-breeding and the suffocation of pass his "southern blab"....

Anonymous said...

Which way did he go, George?
Which way did he go?
Why I think he went southwards,
And it's not for the show.
He was mad and frustrated,
He was livid and pissed,
He felt humiliated,
And couldn't "resist."

Which way did he go, George?
Which way did he go?
He pushed and he hollered,
And backtracked and more.
But no-one would listen,
No-one could care,
He was just one more "cripple",
And they had enough there.

You see, this poor fellow,
Locked in his wheelchair,
Couldn't go through doorways,
And that was not fair!
He tried and he tried
Just like the dogs you abuse,
Turning blind eyes,
To someone who can't choose.

Which way did he go. George?
Which way did he go?
He went to his lawyer's,
It paid more than "Magoo".
You see he's suing
For all he can get.
Cause you hurt him and jerked him,
It's a lesson of debt.

Which way did he go, George?
Which way did he go?
I can tell you he went happy,
Sitting prettier than "Monroe".
He'll probably buy,
Some neglected Greyhounds,
To adore and respect,
And they'll never be "bound".

Which way did he go, George?
Which way did he go?
He went with a windfall,
Even more than you'll know.
He'll live better than Chairmans,
Better than Kings,
Because you treat "animals"
Like cheap, dirty "things."

Anonymous said...

Did you know the HUMANE SOCIETY supports OBAMA!
( Republican extreme right gotta "whippin comin" !
Not only is he NOT an Arab, and NOT a Terrorist, he is NOT an Animal Abuser!
I mean...if he can't abuse people and things, what can a guy do?
Hello? He just might help to close all you suckers down.
Wow....Greyhound Racing Tracks...SUCK ON THAT!

Anonymous said...

I would seriously like to leave this blog up until Carney's final "bow"(Nov 3?).I think all dog lovers, everywhere, deserve some therapy with ignorant "individuals" who continue to push cruelty to Greyhounds, not to mention continuous "overbreeding" to keep the horror shows coming. How miserable is that.
To the turkey who even thinks we are making fun of people that will be out of work, poverty is no laughing matter. But if all these owners of tracks really had cared about their employees, they should have been preparing them for their own closings. There have been many , everywhere, and only the mean continued it after so many accidents, deaths and slaughters. Alas, if these "workers" had no thought about the misery inflicted upon these Greyhounds, I can assure you, there will only be dry eyes when those "jobs" are extinguished.
I, too, would like to hear from John Parker. For a "man" who professes to be "neutral" and hides behind a ton of shadows and words, let him answer to all the carnage and suffering. No dog cares about trophies and no real man demands it.
Finally, about the fantasy that "dogs like to run"...of course they do but not when there is an electric rod , or baited games based on starvation, or live rabbits, and certainly not when they are intentionally doped and frenzied to self-destruction.
I do believe "The South" will be next, because if they are now even voting Obama, it is a new age, with enlightened agendas not to mention we are all on the edge of financial distress.
Greyhound Racing has been dead for a decade. Time to give pink slips to all those "people" and time to throw open those canine gates.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that Geeorge Carney also runs a "garbage dump"? If so, how on earth can a guy with trucks and refuse and "stink" relate to living canines who need companionship, love and affection? If business is business and he associates running morbid kennels to make a dollar, how cold and heartless can one get? This has been going on for more than forty years and no-one has ever questioned his "ethics"?
When a cripple in a wheelchair has to sue to get respect, pity the poor dogs, who have been crippled by his own "business" and for four decades! There is absolutely no reason for these factories of over-breeding and dungeons of hell and misery to be continued under the pretensions that they do some good. Rats may have ceased over-populations in Europe, but you still ended up with "The Plague".

Anonymous said...

Good evening to all those cherishing your beautiful Greyhounds and a pox on those who do not.
The Greyhound Protection League has many resources and amid hundreds of these saints who continue to inform disbelievers or the simply naive who "don't want to go there", here are two sites which explore the actualities of everyday racing not only in the UK but everywhere where it exists.(namely, here in USA.)

John Ratcliffe, September 2008, has put forth :

I implore all those that truly care and want to save our dogs from further abuse, to look at these websites..
We do not need any "John Parkers" to say otherwise as we, the adopters and the owners who foot the veterinarian bills, who take on many emotionally disabled Greyhounds, not to mention cripples with broken legs, feet and ankles, (and let's not forget the amputees, ) we know it exists, and we are fed up with those that say it does not, or say absolutely nothing! ("Neutrals!")
The law does not act quickly enough and this is deplorable where pain and suffering thrive, particularly when people like George Carney make no bones about demanding its continuation despite already crucifying these dogs for forty years! Quite simply, the man is a glutton and a warrior to boot.
Many thanks to Ironicus Maximus for your loyalty to Greyhounds and your Friday Hound Blogging. It puts these dogs on a map to "somewhere" as opposed to Carney and other dog tacks, dumping them, with no heart.