Thursday, October 09, 2008

Sometimes These Things Just Write Themselves Department

Ah, this is truly Ironicus at its Maximus. The Republican party, last bastion of free enterprise, small government, low taxes, individual responsibility and fiscal responsibility is now officially an arm of the Socialist Party.

What's that they said a few years ago? Something about how they make their own reality?

How's that working out for you, fella?

Somewhere Karl Marx just wet himself laughing.


Anonymous said...

If "making your own realty" has to do with Sarah Palin...AND McCain, I finally get it.... pushing Ayers connection to Obama at age 6 , insisting Polar Bears are not going extinct, the economy is strong, and there is no such thing as global warming. And, by the way, the world is only 5,000 years hey! Maybe Palin can endorse her five year old for the "Burping Department" and McCain can get Cindy to adopt a democrat "terrorist" with a hairlip. Under these circumstances, anything is possible!
However, shaking hands and showing respect are non-negotiable.

James said...

I was thinking the same thing today. Truly Ironicus. But, remember, Obama's the commie.

Anonymous said...

Obama's the "commie"? How can he be a jack of all trades?
He is either a "terrorist", or he is not.(He is on the board with Ayers and also so is the President of the University)
He is either for the troops or he is not.(He supported better equipment for all the soldiers while McCain did not)
He is either for equal pay or he is not.(Women get 79 cents to men's buck)
He is for medical insurance or he is not.(McCain wants to tax people for "his responsibility" while Obama believes "it is a right.")
He is either for regulation or he is not.(McCain supported deregulation and so did his campaign manager.)
He is either for energy or he is not. (McCain always sided with the "oil boys" while Obama wants them to finally pay and not get tax breaks.)
He is either for oil independence or he is not. (Obama wants all sorts of clean energy, like wind, solar, etc like other smart and progressive countries in the world)
He is either for a green planet or he is not. (Really, with democrats like Al Gore and Nobel Prizes...he obviously hangs with the same, smart, crowds.)
"A commie" you say? Oh man, we did 1963 already and we already outlawed the KKK.