Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Say Pal, Can You Do Me A Little Favor? Heh Heh.

OK, while the good old U S of A has been out there keeping the world safe from islamofascistcommieninjashadowwarriors who want our women, all those fat cats over there in Europe have been sipping double cappuccino frappes and laughing at the crazy Americans running all over the world starting wars while mortgaging their country to the Chinese, at least the part that hasn't been turned into a fetid swamp.

Well, that gravy train has pulled into the station.

How you like us now, Pierre?

So, now that we've proved not only can we turn make believe countries into sectarian hell holes, but we can pull down the entire financial underpinning of the world, it's time to ask the aforementioned world for a favor.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates urged southeastern European leaders to shift their inconsequential military efforts from Iraq to Afghanistan, where their forces should have been in the first place. The sales pitch resonated with the Macedonians who recently completed an update of their tactical capabilities by purchasing a gross of compasses on eBay. Philip T. Reeker, U.S. ambassador to Macedonia, said the small country — which has 77 troops in Iraq and 136 troops in Afghanistan, "Can get six more guys tomorrow."

"Give us a week and we'll have a dozen, maybe 20," said a spokesperson for the Macedonian Department of Defense and Snow Removal Service.

Speaking at a meeting the Southeast European Defense Ministerial Glee Club, Gates said that as the security situation in Iraq is never going to improve, countries should considered filling the "urgent need" for fresh targets in Afghanistan. "We can't hold the terrorist threat at bay by ourselves forever," Gates told the Ministers. "Well, we could, but we decided to invade Iraq instead."

"Your assistance will not only help Afghanistan better protect and care for its citizens that we don't blow up, it will also reinforce your important role in getting the American military off the hook for eight years of policies a sixth grader could have come up with."

In Iraq, all coalition forces combined, other than the U.S., contribute about 6,900 forces. When asked if another 6,900 troops would make a difference considering there are almost 50,000 American troops in the country and more on the way, Gates replied that "someone has to staff the PX's."

The U.S. has made it clear that it will gradually shift more troops to Afghanistan in a last ditch attempt to totally destroy America's military capacity, as force levels in Iraq go down in the coming months, or years, or decades. "Don't hold your breath," said one pentagon spokesperson who asked not to be identified. "You think I want to get sent over there?" the spokesperson added.

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Anonymous said...

It is extremely frightening that all these "Madras" schools in Pakistan supported by the Taliban, are motivating even more suicide bombers in all ages, and both sexes.
When Americans kill civilians and children in one wild "sweep", and often have done it deliberately, is is not only inhumane, it will come back and bite us, and all nations "fighting for democracy".
Should McCain-Palin ever see the lights of the White House, all the porch lights across USA will be blown out.