Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hello Goodbye. I Don't Know Why You Say Hello I Say Goodbye

Well, it looks good for Obama next Tuesday, and for a return to sanity in the House and Senate. OK maybe not sanity as we know it, but certainly we won't be treated to the TV Doc, Man on dog and Blastocyst Sam.

Might be time to start packing up this blog since the last thing we need is serious deliberation, consensus and compromise. It's been fun, except when it hasn't, but every ride comes to an end. It's a bittersweet time, we guess. One the one hand the nation appears to be on the brink of being turned back over to the adults, but on the other, standing on the bow of this great ship of state taking the full on gale of crazy that has been the last eight years has had its moments and will be missed.

Wait a minute. What's this?

Sarah Palin may soon be free. Soon, she may not have the millstone of John McCain around her neck. And she can begin her race for president in 2012.

Umm...don't pull those books off the shelf just yet.

Sarah Palin “has absolutely earned a right to run in 2012,” says Greg Mueller, who was a senior aide in the presidential campaigns of Pat Buchanan and Steve Forbes. Mueller says Palin has given conservatives “hope” and “something to believe in.”

When asked what the something was Mueller replied that "a pretty face and an empty head will take you places. Well, if you add wiggling your butt in front of a bunch of horny old white guys too."

And even if the McCain-Palin ticket does win on Nov. 4 — and Mueller says it could — “if McCain decides to serve for just one term, Sarah Palin as the economic populist and traditional American values candidates will be very appealing by the time we get to 2012.”

Not to mention that by then she will have learned to read.

McCain praised Palin but went out of his way to point out how little he knew about her before he chose her as his running mate. “I didn’t know her real well,” McCain said. “I knew her reputation. I didn’t know her well at all. I didn’t know her well at all. So she turned out to be an idiot. OK, my bad.”

John McCain is blaming Palin for demonstrating her inexperience and lack of knowledge because she is inexperienced and lacks knowledge.

Palin is blaming McCain for running what she views as a bad campaign. "The campaign never played to Sarah's strengths," said one Palin aide who asked not to be identified. "You know, sniping, innuendo, character assassination. The things she's a natural at."

All that negative stuff about her? Charging Alaska taxpayers a per diem allowance for 300 nights she spent at home, flying her kids at state expense to events they were not invited to, accepting wildly expensive clothes from the Republican National Committee and, according to one ethics panel, having abused her office as governor?

"Just being a republican, you betcha," Palin replies.

Mueller thinks Palin would make a strong candidate. “She would run in 2012 as the empty headed, ill informed, untalented Barbie doll that she was originally introduced to the country as,” Mueller said. "The base will eat it up."

Mueller also argues that Palin could run a more convincing campaign on traditional conservative issues in 2012 than McCain has in 2008. "I mean come on, if she has even one idea she can stick to for more than a week, she'll have McCain beat."

“One weakness in McCain’s campaign is not campaigning on strong, pro-life, traditional values issues,” Mueller said. “Of course the republican party has only paid lip service to those issues for the last eight years anyway, but if those people are stupid enough to keep buying the same pig in a poke, Sarah's the one to sell it to them.”

Hmm...maybe we should consider an addition to the marbled halls of IM Central.


Anonymous said...

I'll tell you what. If it is this nasty before the Democrats get in, it is going to be totally out of control if and when they do succeed.
Voting fraud is already another repeat of the 2000 election and Palin will try her best as the next Kathleen Harris.
If you leave, we all leave. You tried to make Hell funny.
Now ,you got to make Heaven stay....for better or for worse....at least Democrats are sane.

James said...

The next campaign will begin on Nov 5, I'm sure. Imagine Romney Vs. Palin in the 2012 primaries. Talk about low hanging fruit! Besides without IM, who would take on the overlords?

Anonymous said...

As a matter of fact, when Palin has been referenced by a top Republican campaign guy as "a whack job", and this is even before we pull up all her files, are you kidding? The party has just begun!
That and her insatiable hunger for power, by possibly annointing herself Senator, which she would obviously do if she can "use her power", oh baby, buckle all those seat belts. Bumpy? More like "Death Dive".