Tuesday, October 07, 2008

It's The 'You Kids Get Off My Lawn' Gambit

Well, it seems everyone has their tighty whities in a bunch because, rather than talk about our impending financial collapse, or welcome our Chinese overlords, or remind us that endless war is good, McCain (who's a former POW btw) has decided to close out his campaign by explaining why Barack Obama is a scary black man.

Come on now, every politician tries to rally his or her base as election day draws closer. Besides, Americans are tired of hearing about health care, or Wall Street reform, or troop levels. We want politicians who make it hard for us to tell where Survivor leaves off and presidential politics begin.

And what's the point of talking about all these policies anyway? Just to fill the time until another white woman goes missing? We think the McCain campaign may be on to something because we really want to see who gets voted off the island, the grumpy old man and his air head granddaughter, or the streetwise black dude and his angry wife.

And on another note, yes we did change the background of the blog, as a metaphorical representation of a lightening in our mood, but it turned out to be far more work than we anticipated so now we're tired and thirsty and you're beginning to annoy us.


Anonymous said...

If McCain "bombs away" at the debate, tonight, ( as expected), of course Sarah Palin will relish the thought of tooting her horn in a Latino -styled thong bikini! Are you kidding? She wore her knee-high black boots for the males in the "over 60 crowd" in L.A. and now she will, most certainly, "go ballistic", particularly after the crazy crowds in Florida.
Cleverly, the Republicans gathered near "olden-goldies" routes , (with emphasis on "boo" haters) and she is ecstatic to show Greta, and every other "Fox lover" she will do anything "to score".
Watch out, Ann Coulter! Blondes may not have more fun.

Anonymous said...

I like the change in your format for light blue instead of black, particularly today being Tuesday.
It means you are "crossing over".
There is still "hope".