Tuesday, January 08, 2008

You Don't Really Have To Win To Win, As Long As You Win

OK, so last week we favored you with our predictions for the Iowa Caucus which turned out pretty well. Sure we totally messed up the Republican side, and it turns out Obama actually won the caucus and not his book as we had predicted, but Edwards came in second and we got that right which puts us in the same league as Bill Kristol, so we're feeling pretty good about now.

This week, however we thought instead of a blanket projection we'd focus in on a single candidate and give you, our reader(s), the benefit of our high powered analytical skills closely focused on a single campaign.

Or we could just pile on Hillary Clinton.

Her front-runner status gone, Democrat Hillary Clinton said she will continue to battle for her party's nomination for the November U.S. presidential election even if Barack Obama doesn't have an "accident" on his way to a campaign rally.

Now what could have happened to upset the apple cart so dramatically in Senator Clinton's campaign? It's got to be the positions of the two candidates, right? We mean, what with all the press coverage and what not, the divergence in their views has got to be out there for all to see. Right Benjamin Ginsberg, a political science professor at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore? "It's Wal-Mart and Kmart - they're occupying the same space."

Oh, well then. Must be the boobies.

Obama, a senator from Illinois bidding to make history as the first black U.S. president, has been capitalizing on his surprise win in the Iowa caucuses. "Oh, yeah. Obama's 'black' like Hillary's a 'woman.'" said a Clinton campaign aide. "OK, that didn't come out right."

Got it. Where's the white guy when you need him?


George said...

which puts us in the same league as Bill Kristol

So we'll be reading you in the New York Times soon?

Ironicus Maximus said...

Most assuredly. We plan to accuse the Times of treason any day now.