Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Michigan! Motto: We Ain't No New Hampshire

Today is primary day in Michigan and we're like totes excited. OK no we're not, in fact we're a little annoyed. Last night we had a twenty minute conversation with a robo-call from TEH HUCKABEEZ!!1!!. We wondered why we couldn't get a word in edgewise, but in our defense we have to say the call did come towards the end of the cocktail hour.

Today on our way to work we were accosted by the Tards of Paul and everywhere we look the smiling countenance of Mitt the Benevolent gazes down upon us. All this would be halfway tolerable if Michigan's primary actually meant something. Yeah, yeah we know, Mitt has to win here or...or what? He has to win here or he has to win somewhere else. Look, the guy has enough money to set up his own country and run for president there if he wants to. He's not dropping out of the race just because no one votes for him.

The democrats in Michigan were bad, bad boys and girls and did not do what their DNC overlords wanted, so they made Edwards and Obama take their names out of contention and refused to let Hillary campaign in the state even though her name is on the ballot. To strike back against the empire the rebels are proposing that everyone go and vote uncommitted.

Guys. If we stay home and watch Judge Judy reruns, how much more uncommitted can we be?

The other plan is for all the democrats to go and vote for Romney instead to mess with the republicans. Hey, have you been paying attention at all? The republicans don't need anyone's help to screw up. You have an empty suit, a fossil, a guy who believes Adam and Eve rode dinosaurs, another fossil, and a racist running for president. You think these guys need help being idiots?

Oh, and Duncan Hunter, whoever he is.

So if you ask us, the whole let's make Michigan relevant by moving our primary up and making the taxpayers cover the cost deal has not turned out to be the resounding success the democrats and republicans had hoped it would be. Well, except for that whole getting us to pay for it thing.

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