Monday, May 07, 2007

If Bush Is Wrong, The Terrorists Win. Or Maybe It's The Democrats.

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After another bloody weekend for U.S. troops in Iraq the White House said Americans should brace for more U.S. casualties in the push for greater security in Baghdad. White House spokesman Tony Snowjob said the deaths were attributable to "people shooting at our troops and trying to blow them up. At least according to the intelligence we've been able to gather so far."

"We are getting to the point now with the Baghdad security plan where we have to go outside the green zone," Snowjob said. "Not that it seems to matter much anymore where we are."

"We've known that the surge creates a target rich environment for the insurgents, been saying it all along. But we've been fighting four years and now for some reason people are all 'What have we got to show for it' and 'How many more families have to be devastated by the loss of a loved one?'," Snowjob said. "Look, the president and first lady are suffering too. And what about the staff? You think it's easy keeping him in the dark about being the most hated man in America? We're all suffering over here."

Bush has vowed never to accept a withdrawal deadline "as long as my old unit doesn't get activated. Oh, what am I saying I probably wouldn't go anyway."

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