Thursday, May 03, 2007

Friday Hound Blogging

Yeah, yeah, we know it isn't Friday. This is not a Stoli induced memory lapse, but an example of planning and forethought on the part of this blog. Besides, isn't it Friday in Japan? Or is that Canada? We never know.

Anyway, as we are loath to disappoint our many skinny dog fans, and as we are off to points unknown tomorrow, it occurred to us that since this is our little world we could, much as our president, determine what is real and what isn't. Ergo: Today is Friday. Enjoy.

We were going to write about a judge who is suing a dry cleaner for 65 million because they found his pants they lost. Or something. Crazy judges. What's new about that?

So what's up in the whacky world of the overlords? A while back we told you about a nefarious plot by the notorious "bad apple" gang at the track in Mobile. The idea was to fix the races so the $37.48 pot could be split up among about 12 people. Hey, these are overlords we're talking about here, not accountants.

Anyway, while that case grinds though the legal system, a local television station decided to do an in depth report on if it was still safe to lose your rent money at the track. Let's see what they found out:

Three judges watch every race and post the official results. Two of the judges are employed by the track but don't speak English and think they're supposed to be watching for pickpockets in the crowd. One of the judges works for the local Walmart, an independent entity that often recruits at the races.

To qualify, each dog must be within a pound and a half of its registered weight. "If he's over that or under that, he's scratched," Dave Jones, the General Manager at Mobile Greyhound Park said. "But I'm usually too drunk to read the scale so we don't get that too much."

After they're weighed, the dogs are then locked in a secure area under camera surveillance until race time, with a veterinarian always nearby and usually conscious.

To make sure there's no funny business, urine samples are supposed to be taken after each race. They test for any kind of drugs or illegal substance. "Last year we caught six employees with cocaine in their systems, four with marijuana and one with heroin," said Dr. Ronald Smith, the Mobile County Racing Commission's Veterinarian. When asked if the dogs were also tested for illegal substances he responded that "You kinda have to depend on the dog. If they want to urinate they will. Tonight we got four samples out of 13 races, but we forgot to write down which sample came from which dog. Plus my assistant spilled one all over my leg. We do the best we can."

Well, that certainly makes us feel better. What about you Ringo?

Ringo likes to gather things and play with toys. His loves to pull stuffing out of his soft toys and will spend a lot of time chewing on the Kong and Galileo bone which keeps his teeth clean. He loves to stare out the window watching for the neighborhood squirrels and rabbits. He loves to spend time outside and will occupy himself for quite awhile. But he loves to follow is foster parents around and comes for loving. He wiggles his head and neck into you to steal some loving. He is your classic couch potato at times but is also an active young grey at times. He barks at himself in reflective windows. Ringo would do well in an active working home. He would be fine with well-mannered children over 5 years of age. He is good with other dogs of all sizes and would probably be fine as an only dog with a family that will play with him regularly. For more information about this dog, and other rescued racing greyhounds looking for homes, go here. If you don't know about the plight of racing greyhounds go here.

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