Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hounds Home for The Holiday

This blog is nothing if not cognizant of the need for tradition. OK, some would say this blog is nothing even when it isn't cognizant of the need for tradition. In fact, some would say this blog isn't cognizant at all.

But we digress.

Our purpose here today is to once again urge our reader(s) to consider opening their hearts and couches to the oldest pure breed dog in existence, the second fastest land animal, the companion of kings, the greyhound.

But first, let's make fun of the overlords.

We've told you before about excited the overlords get when the state allows them to put slot machines at their tracks. "There's nothing better for the greyhound racing industry than to divert people from greyhound racing, said Gary Guccione, executive director of the greyhound racing association.

So Kansas is the latest state to a dying industry that exploits animals is just the thing a democratically elected legislature should be supporting and recently the governor signed legislation making the dogs, not only expendable, like they were before, but superfluous as well.

Yay Kansas! Motto: Mediocre is good enough for us.

But before we leave the overlords to take off their clothes and roll around in all those quarters, let's take a look at where that slot money is going to go:

40 percent of the rest goes to the state.

25 percent goes to the racetrack gaming facility manager.

7 percent goes to the Live Horse Racing Purse Supplement Fund (not to exceed $3,750 per machine).

2 percent goes to the Problem Gaming and Addiction Fund.

7 percent goes to the Live Greyhound Racing Purse Supplement Fund (not to exceed $3,750 per machine).

1.5 percent goes to the city in which the track is located.

1.5 percent goes to the county (3 percent if the track is not in a city).

1 percent goes to the Kansas Horse Fair Racing Benefit Fund.

15 percent goes for expenses.

Check out point 5. Yes, that's right, 7% of the money lost on slots goes into the Greyhound Racing Purse Supplement Fund. This fund is necessary because not enough people bet on greyhound racing to make greyhound racing worth betting on.

Apparently the Kansas legislature is OK with that. Is it possible we've finally discovered a class of dullards even thicker than the overlords Carol?

Carol is a little on the shy side. She will follow foster mom around the house and likes to be close to her. She will put her head up to nudge foster mom to pet her. Carol would do well with a working family home with well mannered older children, 10 and up. She is good with other dogs and could be an only dog. She will probably get very attached to the family who adopts her. For more information about this dog, and other rescued racing greyhounds looking for homes, go here. If you don't know about the plight of racing greyhounds go here.

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