Thursday, May 10, 2007

Well, If It Doesn't Reduce Cross Border Attacks, At Least It Will Keep The Rabbits Out Of The Garden

Oh yeah baby! We got your safe haven right here Mr. Terroist Osama bin Hiding. What do you think of the coalition of the willing now? The coalition willing to open up a super size can o' whupass on your goat eating behind.

Pakistan has fenced 20 km (12 miles) of its 2,500 km (1,500 mile) long and porous border with Afghanistan to prevent incursions by militants, the army said. "This should pretty much cripple Al Qaeda world wide," said a representative of the company that built the fence between Israeli and Palestinian neighborhoods. "That is if It works as well for them as it has for us."

Umm...Excuse us. Did you say 12 of 1500 miles?

Pakistan, whom the Bush administration is trying to convince everyone is an important ally in the U.S.-led war on terrorism, decided to fence and mine parts of its western border after accusations from U.S. and Afghan officials that the Taliban militants were launching attacks from sanctuaries in Pakistan. "Well look, every so often the Crusaders show up and whine about how little we're doing to help in their world wide war of aggression against our Islamic brothers," said one Pakistani official who asked not to be named. "So we put on a little, what do you Americans call it? Goat and donkey show?"

Major-General Waheed Arshad said the plan involved fencing a 35-km stretch in the northwestern tribal belt bordering Afghanistan in the first phase. "The second phase is to wait until the Americans aren't looking, then tear the first phase down."

Last month, Pakistani and Afghan troops clashed on the border in the South Waziristan region after Kabul said its forces tore down a Pakistani fence. "Oh look, phase two has started already," Arshad said.

Afghanistan opposes fencing because of a long-standing territorial dispute, saying it would penalize Pashtun tribal communities living on both sides of the frontier. "A lot of the Taliban work in Afghanistan, but live in Pakistan," said an Afghan official. "How would you like it if you worked in New York, but lived in White Plains and they closed the Tappan Zee bridge? Besides, have you seen the fence? We're definitely not talking Berlin Wall here."

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