Monday, March 07, 2005

On The Bright Side, She Wanted Naturally Curly Hair

Confession time. When we were in fifth grade we had the snot beat out of us on the playground after school by Delores Jackson. Apparently we inadvertently offended one of her siblings in gym class with a dodge ball. Three times.

Truth be told, Delores had 20 pounds and a few inches on us, but that didn't matter as word spread the we had been beaten up by a girl.

So it should be no surprise that we read about this incident with a certain what if fascination. Of course there were no such things as Tasers back in the day, nonetheless we have a very clear mental picture of how Delores would have looked flopping on the ground like a fish as 50,000 volts arced across her fillings.

Back to the present though, according to the article, the 15 year old who got zapped was "apparently" acting in an aggressive manner. "Apparently?" We're not experts in law enforcement, but aren't police trained to recognize aggression, say, as opposed to teen angst?

She made a face at me and I thought she was going to spit, said police officer Won Chau. Turned out she just had gas, but how was I to know? She'd already called the principal a jerk so I knew she was capable of anything.

School officials supported the police action, calling the incident "unfortunate.'' Interviewed in his office after detention period, Principal Les Moonves said, She had a body piercing. Probably did drugs too. She was out of control. Did you hear what she called me?

After reviewing a school video of the incident as well as information downloaded from the Taser that indicated the number and duration of stun charges, police Sgt. Lorne Rosand said it was clear the use of the Taser lit her up like a Christmas tree. What if she tried to run away, Rosand stated, In just a matter of seconds she could have been out of range and office Chau would have had to chase her.

Roseville Area High School has an extensive system of security cameras according to Principal Moonves. We want are students to feel safe, he commented. Well, except for the ones we try to electrocute that is.

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