Tuesday, March 08, 2005

And Then He Invited Them All To A Strip Club

Is anyone really surprised that Oscar Goodman, the Mayor of Las Vegas would say something like this to a bunch of fourth graders? Come on, it's Las freaking Vegas for crying out loud. Don't you people read the papers? When a student asked Goodman about his hobbies he replied that "drinking" was one of them.


Goodman was at the school with other special guests to read to the students as part of Nevada Reading Week, but as he was too hammered to read, launched into the desert island scenario instead. George Ann Rice, associate superintendent for human resources for the Clark County School District, said if a school employee made similar comments disciplinary action would have been taken.

"It would be the Time Out room for him," she said, "And a possible loss of recess privileges too. This is very serious."

The Principal said the fourth graders didn't seem to pay attention to the mayor's gin and drinking comments. "And when someone talks about drinking they think 'juice' anyway," she said.

Yeah. Right. OK, who's more out of touch here? The Mayor, or the people at the school? The Mayor thinks he can last indefinitely with a limited supply of gin when what he clearly needs is a still, and school officials think when kids say they are going to get "juiced" they mean raid the fridge for some Sunny D.

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