Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Hound Blogging

Frequent reader(s) of this blog have come to the conclusion that the ultimate achievement is to persist through disappointment until apathy is complete...erm...we mean know that we often take a few moments of your time during our weekly excursions into the noisome and miasmic morass inhabited by that particularly loathsome species of skink known as an overlord to point out that the whole thing is a scam. Also, too, rigged.

Well, this by itself has never been a major factor in the decline of greyhound racing, what with rubes being, you know, rubes and all, but now it seems that even those on the inside are beginning to notice certain, shall we say, irregularities
Surprisingly, the valuable €5,000 to the winner Greyhound & Petworld A1 (Bg) 525 has failed to fill, even though it was only advertised for 36 runners. It seems ridiculous that such a valuable event should fail to attract what would appear to be a very reasonable number of greyhounds.
Thirty six dogs? Thirty six is all you need? Heck you ought to be able to find 36 dogs...well come to think of it coming up with that many dogs could be a problem as you do seem to lose them with a fair amount of regularity. Of course if you didn't move them around like they were sacks of potatoes, you might not lose so many that you can't even remember their names anymore.

We're thinking that not having enough dogs isn't the whole story though, right racing enthusiast Billybob?
‘Maybe fellas are sick of making up the numbers for the bigger kennels to win these graded stakes in 28,40 and the like’. A lot of hostility towards the bigger trainers is evident.
Oh come on Billybob. You think the bigger trainers are taking advantage of you? We are shocked we tell you SHOCKED! Surely the high degree of professionalism, expertise and sense of fair play evident throughout the entire industry should convince you it's always the rubes who get the shaft, not the players. OK, dogs get the shaft too, but it's not like that part is surprising, we mean come on. When your toaster breaks what do you do? Throw it away and get another one. When your dog quits winning, what do you do?
A mass grave containing the remains of at least seven racing greyhounds has been uncovered in Co Limerick. The Gardai know who is responsible, however as yet no prosecution has taken place.
Umm...yeah...there is that, but it shouldn't be construed to mean the overlords don't appreciate what the dogs do for them, and the dogs aren't well treated and lovingly cared for. It just looks that way because you've never been to a track and you don't know what really goes on in the industry, right Pat C?

Pat C is extremely outgoing. She is extremely sweet and intelligent and very eager to learn new things. She is cat safe and is friendly with the neighbor’s small dog. She is housebroken and is not being crated because someone is always home with her. She loves to go for walks and does great on the leash. She loves to play with toys of any kind. She will go up and down the stairs. Pat C is used to someone always being home with her but would probably be fine is a working family. She would do well in a home with children. She would do well in a home with cats and also, most likely, with small dogs. For more information about this dog, and other rescued racing greyhounds looking for homes, go here. If you don't know about the plight of racing greyhounds go here.

And In Other News: A few weeks ago we mentioned that we were going to add to our repertoire of instructional tools in order to reach out to those overlords who may find the printed word as incomprehensible as the idea that killing and injuring thousands of innocent living creatures year after year is not, in fact, a sport. Football is a sport. Greyhound racing is an abomination of the face of the earth. It is a black spot on the heart of all humanity, a sharp stick poked in compassion's eye, an open wound on the face of empathy. It is the solitary, lonely cry in the night of kindness. It is the unreturned call for mercy, the cold breath of evil, locking tenderness in an icy prison...

Where were we? Oh yeah, visual aids. Here's one for all you overlords who like to say the dogs love to run:

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