Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Goode/Akin 2012! Motto: Goode for Virginia, The Rest Of Us, Not So Much

Frequent reader(s) of this blog know that experience is nature's way of curbing your enthusiasm...erm...we mean will recognize the name Virgil Goode. Old Virg visited this blog a while back when he suddenly discovered that security guards around the Capitol were not under orders to shoot Muslims on sight and consequently, one had not only gotten into the building, but had brought his Quran along with him, a state of affairs that had Virg convinced made the baby Jesus cry and dropped the burka of Sharia law over the whole nation. He was not reelected.

Well, Virgil has returned and this time he's running for President...of Virginia.

Former congressman Virgil Goode Jr. has qualified for the presidential ballot in Virginia, the State Board of Elections ruled Tuesday, adding a potential obstacle to Republican Mitt Romney’s hopes of winning the pivotal state, and replacing Mitt Romney as the biggest potential obstacle to Mitt Romney’s hopes of winning the pivotal state.

Goode’s status as a longtime officeholder — he spent 12 years in Congress and 24 years in the state Senate before that — could bring him more support than usual. "I served the people of my district for 36 years," Goode told reporters. "Well, the white people anyway, but then folks came to me and said, 'Virg'--that's what they call me, Virg--they said 'Virg you need to find something else to do.' So here I am."

Goode submitted more than 20,500 signatures to the election board, far more than required, although there was some question as to whether and X constituted a valid signature. The Virginia republican party has challenged the Goode petitions on this basis and if they are successful, the number of signatures will drop to 14, including Goode's and his wife's.

“That’s absurd for [Republicans] to even make a charge like that,” Goode said in an interview. “I have to wonder about their motives in doing something like this. It sounds like they don’t want any view other than theirs out there.” When reminded that President Obama and several democrats would be on the ballot which would guarantee views other than republican "out there", Goode responded, "You talking about the Kenyan?" He got on the ballot and they want me off? This is just another example discrimination against christians."

Goode has said that he expects to take votes from both Obama and Romney, but his support is more likely to come from the GOP side. "Them democrats can read," he said, "So it'll mostly be the Bubbas that vote for me."

He is running on a mostly conservative platform, with a heavy emphasis on stemming both illegal and legal immigration. Goode also opposes abortion, free-trade agreements, minimum wage, child labor laws, rain on the weekend and the multiplication tables.

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