Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Hound Blogging

Well, we hope you're happy animal rights wackos. You took greyhound racing, which was a perfectly legal, efficiently regulated, profitable family oriented business that had entertained thousands over the years and turned it into a crime just because a few of the units we damaged. Can you tell us any business that doesn't have some inventory loss? Huh? Can you? Thought so.

Oh and you still weren't done. Somehow you got to the governor and, as if you wanted to punish the greyhound racing workers convinced him to make sure the track never opened again under any circumstances. You didn't fool Roger Powers though, right Roger?
“The governor could have saved Wonderland,” said Roger Powers, 71, of Danvers, a 43-year employee of the Revere track who picked up his last paycheck yesterday. “I’m surprised the governor didn’t support us.”
Don't be too surprised Roger. The governor is obviously in the pocket of those latte' sipping Birkenstock wearing east coast elites who thinks greyhound racing is inhumane because a couple of dogs get hurt from time to time. Hey, governor, football players get hurt from time to time too, and we don't outlaw the NFL. Course, we don't euthanize football players either, but let's not quibble about the details.
State Rep. Kathi-Ann Reinstein (D-Revere) said she spent the day at the track “crying and hugging” workers, who are often family members. “Some of these people are husband and wife. They’re going to have to talk to their kids about holding off on college,” said Reinstein. “The tragedy of this is that it was unbelievably preventable. I can’t tell you how disappointed I am in the governor."
Heck of a job Governor. How about you Cary Theil? You happy now?And don't go telling us those kids are going to get more financial aid now because their parents income has changed because everyone knows greyhound racing pays its own way. You know what? Representative Reinstein said it best, "He doesn’t value these people.”

Darn straight. You got anything to add  Paul McMorrow?
In all the breathless finger-pointing following the closure of Wonderland Park last week, one detail got lost. It’s an important one, too. Neither Governor Deval Patrick nor the state Legislature deserves the blame for the Revere dog track’s closure. The track owners’ decision to shutter Wonderland was long in the making. Patrick’s decision to block slot machine licenses at racetracks may have accelerated the process, but it didn’t change the fate of Wonderland’s employees one bit.
Right on Paul. It's time we had politicians that cared about the common folk instead of being in the pockets of the special interests. It's time that we took back...wait, what?
Wonderland CEO Richard Dalton told the Revere Journal yesterday that the property would be sold to East Boston thoroughbred track Suffolk Downs within 90 days and then to an undisclosed developer. But long before that, it was a poorly kept secret in Boston real estate circles that the executives who control Wonderland — Dalton and Boston restaurateur Charles Sarkis — were keen on remaking the 33.7-acre site.
 But but...what about racing? What about all those minimum wage no benefit jobs?
What’s more, two sources in the real-estate world told me that retail developer Steve Karp and his firm New England Development were floating plans months ago to bulldoze Wonderland and replace it with a new complex. Neither Karp nor the Wonderland executives returned my calls for comment. But Dalton told the Revere Journal in April, when the gambling bill was still alive, that Wonderland wouldn’t pursue a slots license and would likely be redeveloped.
So it was always going to close? But why Mr. McMorrow?  Why?
But all the gambling bill’s failure did was deprive Wonderland’s ownership of a better payday. The prospect of a slots license might have let the track owners hold out for a higher sale price, but the site remains hugely valuable. That land is one of the largest development parcels in metro Boston, and is currently assessed at $15.5 million by the City of Revere. It is close to the beach and a Blue Line station, and it abuts the proposed Waterfront Square development, a 9-acre oceanfront development project that is backstopped in part by a federal economic stimulus grant.
It's just about the money? It's just about business? So as long as the place made money the workers were safe, but now that there's no more money to be made they've become expendable? It that it? Sound familiar  Daucus?

Daucus is very laid back, but curious. He is affectionate; he will approach for pets and will sometimes give kisses. He likes to rub his face up and down on your legs. He is a big boy and will try to herd the humans to get his way. He will sleep on his back with his tongue hanging out. Daucus would do well in a working family home with another mid-size to larger dog to keep him company and would probably be okay as an only dog with a family that had someone home more often. He would do better in a home with larger well-mannered children, as he does not always understand his size. For more information about this dog, and other rescued racing greyhounds looking for homes, go here. If you don't know about the plight of racing greyhounds go here.


greygarious said...

Wonderland shut down without prior notice, in the middle of the week. According to local newscasts, the few dozen remaining (mostly part-time)workers received phone calls that morning telling them the place was permanently closed and advising them how to pick up their final paychecks. Surely the employees knew closure was likely, but failing to give even a day's advance notice puts the lie to Dalton and Sarkis's
professed concern for their workers. Common decency would have been to at least allow them to finish out the week. In my one encounter with Reinstein and Dalton, I was treated discourteously, to say the least, so am not surprised at Wonderland's shabby treatment of its employees and patrons.

Anonymous said...

"Coming to you from the Complaints Department".

You say Governor Patrick "made it right" by:
1. stopping the cruelty of greyhound racing
2. ending the barbaric "jobs" associated with it
increasing "opportunity" for both "dog" and "man"?
4. all this by promoting job access with construction jobs, developing jobs, real-estate jobs, plumbing jobs, architect jobs, gardening jobs, waterfont development following retail stores and restaurant ownerships, partnerships, etc, etc. etc....
And all being taxed "properly" making money "legally" and without the constant "corruption" involved like in Greyhound Racetracks?
(mafia, drug addicts, drug cartels, prostitution, etc. etc. etc. which merely leads to a hell of a lot of STD and HIV.)
When you shut down a 15.5 million dolllar "dump"?
Well, GEORGE CARNEY knows all about that..
That fat Irishman sucking the life out of everything from Greyhound bitches to black and latino ho's.
But this Governor Patrick , is he just reasonable or a genius?
Or is our CHARLIE CRIST, GOVERNOR OF FLORIDA merely obsessed with STD and HIV and negating the other five very lucrative points of argument and final intelligent actions of structure coming from this forward thinking Governor?
He actually "played ball".
And won!
For everybody!
A true leader!
Charlie Crist thinks Florida "needs and wants independents"?
So, why didn't you help not only all the lesbians and homosexuals wanting to adopt 4,000 orphans but in particular, the orphans themselves?
They are 4,000 children discarded and rejected because of YOU CHARLIE CRIST!
(Mr. Independent, with two banished ex-lovers.)
CHARLIE CRIST. No Independent. Just gone Rogue and completely Gay.
And doesn't give a shit about taking FLORIDA (and Greyhounds) into 2012.

Jen Krebs said...

I.M. - can you PM me?


Anonymous said...

Crying and hugging the "workers"?
Sobbing the "tragedy" was "preventable"?


Sounds like Rhinestone.

You know.
As in CRAP.


Like Gellar.
Like Lieberman.
Like Kessler.


For Deception.
For Elimination.
Fro Cruelty.
For "Country".

Sounds like "The Grey Zone" to me.

Anonymous said...

Looks like going "rogue" is some kind of euphemism for "cojones", Charlie Crist style.
Oh ya. We got Marco Rubio doing the "Watusi" (me-too-yes) with state Rep. David Rivera.
"Great Balls o' Fire"!
The GOP sure play their sacred, tribal tunes.
These two Republicans got a cozy love abode in Tallahassee that fizzled into foreclosure. And they are "our government"? (albeit, closeted gays)
The GOP legislators do love these credit cards and racking up hundreds of thousands of dollars in sexual charges, after all. But Washington never tells. Their lips are "sealed".
For "heaven's sake", ask Steele!
He's got the love from all those pesky Lesbian bills.
And I think Prop 8 "went down" and definitely " In Glory".
Maybe we can ask CHARLIE CRIST to do the same.
For "The Dogs".

Anonymous said...

"The Grey Zone".
I saw that movie.
It depicted "the traitors" who helped the Nazis with medical research.
Some were Jews.
Pretty horrible to have to kill your own "families".
Kill your own "neighbors".
Kill your own "roots".
All the torture.
All the guilt.
All the evil involved.

Jason Wetherington and Bruce Jordan both got "banished" from Florida.
Was it to "save them" or "hide them" or to "warn them". Or to just "cleanse somebody".
Into ashes they went.

Larry Craig. Mark Foley. Ed Koch.
Malcolm Forbes,. Richard Nathan. Don White. Harvey Milk.
Most of these people are traitors.
And they help the Republicans with their "tortures".
Because they crave not only acceptance, but power.

We all remember Anita Bryant, hater of Jews and Muslims but most of all, homosexuals.
To think she made a fortune with her orange juice ads while pouring poisonous falsehoods and twisted lies down every listeners' throats.
This "cheap" excuse for an American Mother who denied nutrition for the brain and soul.
A Mother with no "open heart". Just purse strings.
I wonder how many suicides she caused.
"The Grey Zone".

Charlie Crist.
Be a Man.
End the slavery of not only Greyhound "dogs" because that is an easy shot.
But be the leader you can be.
Take the nation for a wholesome, clear "race" into tomorrow where the rest of the industrailized, forward-thinking countries are waiting.
Tell it like it is.
The truth.
Be not corrupted further.
We are all watching.
And we will support you.
Get out of "The Grey Zone".
And finally, be a winner.

Anonymous said...

Here comes the NRA. All into Beck's open arms.
Sarah Palin is now "reloading" her agenda beyond books and reality shows and Christian pregnant, unmarried daughters.
She can actually say Abraham Lincoln and "blow out" catch phrases like "mystic cords" "restrain evil", "fight for freedon", and "liberty and justice for all", and all in one mindless breath!
And then she starts getting "all Sarah" on us.

Restore America and restore her honor?
Well, we got rid of Bush and the Republicans.
And we had the intelligence to vote Obama.
Seems to me, we are already closer to Christ.

Anonymous said...

Films- Politics

There's a definite Hollywood-Washington connection.
"Party Boys" are "Party Boys" after all!
(And Charlton Heston been a major player.)
Take Ricky Martin. One more gay guy livin' La Vida Loca. How about Elton John? Bet they were lookin' for Enrique Iglesias doin' his nudey routine on water skis.
Same with Karl Rove and Newt Gingrich.
Always itchin' "to dance".
Know how many queers we got in Hollywood? So many we don't bother to count.
Guess how many fairies you got workin' Washington?
The joke is, all you gotta do is "ask".
"Dancin' With the Stars" always leads to "Heaven".
(One way or the other.)

Anonymous said...

"Oh oh....Somebody's in trouble".
Member that?
Anybody wanna take a trip down "Memory Lane" and recall who said it?
You got it!
Cheri from Tacoma!
MARTIN ROPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You know.
That homophobia guy bonking "Miss Weaponry" Emily Tailor.(Think that was her name. These greyhound preachers got so many they got more STD happenin' than their own bitches! Gotta step back and VISUALIZE.)
Organized crime with steroids, coke, meth, prostitution gun-running, we're gonna have ourselves "a ball".
Let's dedicate this blog, hereafter, to the political Mafia in WEST VIRGINIA.
(And let them all hit the wall, Capone style.)

Anonymous said...

Newcomers. Attention!
Please refer to :
This is background to Ironicus Maximus and all the Rescuers-Adopters- informed by GREY2K International.
(All Veterinarians that have "caved" will remain anonymous.)

Anonymous said...

How they "can rule".
How they "can fuck a nation". Because they are all criminals.
Hear Governor JOE MANCHIN just got in again.
Y'all know who he is, don't ya?
Womanizing, Italian politician trying to grab Byrd's seat, in WEST VIRGINIA.
That Greyhound advocate for all them "death-camp" racetracks up there, executing dogs faster than their lobbyists for filthy coal.
Even Simms says so!
"If we are going to do it, we're going to do it right".
Oh ya, buddy.
He now got a slam dunk of total corruption up there, besides those law-breaking coal mines.
JOE MANCHIN not only plaayin' round on his power hungry wife GAYLE, he in deep Mafia doo-doo with "ROUND-HEAD"....
EARL RAY TOMBLIN .( whose pals be" loaded " with TRI-STATE FRAUD and Underworld shenanigans)
See, seems Simms known all along that 40 year old track be a headless horseman for all them Greyhounds for decades! (Ain't nothin' gonna help them after all)
They all doomed and dead in pits and fields anyway, and no-one give a damn! Real cruel up there in WEST VIRGINIA.)
GREY2K says it be the MOST fatalities in USA for DOGS!
700 injured!
62 DEAD!
134 races PER WEEK!
8 DOGS per RACE!
But, still not enough cover and cash to keep MAFIA "fit" and "cool".
And all due cause of greed for MONEY, POWER FAME!
Ain't that right EARL RAY?
Be YOU runnin' that "show".
And your Daddy, EARL RAY TOMBLIN, SENIOR, he be YOUR "KING".
He may not be our "KANSAS KING" but he be your WEST VIRGINIA KING!
And y'all know what that be.
That be one helluva mess to see and get reported particularly in "KANSAS KING"!
Oh Lordy.
Oh ya.
Your day comin' to y'all up there in WEST VIRGINIA.
And your gal, MAREENA RIGGINS, she gonna be "the Star.

Anonymous said...

Gonna do some "FUN FACTS" y'all!


The JUST IN- Ohio County-West Virginia RECORD


Sidiropolis claims DEAN MINER publicly and privately disclosed false information accusing him of attempting to EXTORT BRIBES from WV Greyhound Breeders who desired to secure BOOKING CONTRACTS from WV RACETRACKS.
Oct. 9, 2008- these malicious attacks were published on JACK SWINT'S internet Blog. PUNITIVE and EXEMPLARY DAMAGES are demanded.
CASE # 09-C-342

Jack Swint does say...."Tomblin uses LIVE BAIT to TRAIN dogs".
"Tomblins Kennel operations is just the TIP OF THE ICE BURG to the hidden inner workings of the Greyhound Racing Industry."

Gonna look up some be waitin' on me , now, VINCE and LANCE BERLAND.




Hundreds of thousands of dollars to be retreived.

Get back to y'all in a flash.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what you got, but I got HUGE doo-doo about MAUPIN!

Anonymous said...

Know what I love?
Harvey Maupin.
Big mouth.
Big mouth because he, like a lot of professional criminals, never declare their crimes.
He just gets louder with every screw.
Case in point: SENATOR MIKE GREEN.
Know how much these two owe in back taxes?
We do.

Anonymous said...

"But after 6-8 weeks of basic killer traianing in the backwoods areas like TEXAS, WEST VIRGINIA, and OKLAHOMA, these same loving adorable animals become focused with one goal in mind-Chase down and KILL their target."

Anonymous said...

"Retirement by EUTHANASIA"?
Put this on your GOOGLE page
"Retirement Feature".
Such a :
Southern Christian Gentleman.

Anonymous said...

We got Vince and Lance BERLAND who have killed for profit , probably most of all.
One quote is..."they were the most ruthless"

Anonymous said...

Hundreds of thousands of dollars , ILLEGALLY, PER YEAR, sure can buy a lot of those COMMANDO NRA PARACHUTES....Right SENATOR MIKE GREEN?
(Your wife know?)

Anonymous said...

Boom! Boom!
DEA Whistlin' Dixie, Baby.

Anonymous said...

Then we got the "real beauty".

JOHN PARKER!!!!!!!!!)
You guys from A to Z gonna burn up like the Wicked Witch herself!
Cast is already picked!
Keep y'all guessing.

Anonymous said...

Let's cut to the chase...:).
Facts are, MARENA RIGGIN has made the MOST, ILLEGALLY, because SHE has bred and killed the MOST! And all ILLEGALLY and not just in WEST VIRGINIA!
She is all over the map in USA racing and we are determined to bring this deceptive, cold-heated "exterminator" to justice.
According to what has been uncovered she owes MILLIONS! And for DECADES!
She is the BIGGEST criminal of all.
This "femme fatale" playing "none".
And with a "lawsuit"?
What a dirty bitch, indeed.
Know what all these killings get you besides 4D meat, MARENA?
One of the best actresses in Hollywood.

Anonymous said...

"Dr" Lori Bohenko has a Delinko with the Madinko?
She did say: " 99.9% of the dogs compete and survive...and 99% compete without suffering or injury, period.
Oh Lori...we ar so glad you "changed your story".
Thank you form all of us.

Anonymous said...

(Earl Ray-Round Head)


She's your commah,
She's your stunnah.
She's your bee-hive stinkin' MAMA!


She got "Glory"
In her "Story".
Nailed Earl Ray her hunky-dorey!



Round Head
All your lead.
Blowin' fucken Greyhound Dead.
Hands Up!
Plans Up!
Cocaine seized.
Curly beggin' on his knees.



Anonymous said...

I understand EARL RAY TOMBLIN's only son has been caught with drugs and guns but was covered up because everybody's afraid of EARL RAY TOMBLIN SENIOR.
Can anyone tell me, offline?

Anonymous said...

You read the Bio of Earl Ray Tomblin Junior?
He is totally narcissictic and Freda raised him that way.(the Pa supported it)
Question is this:

Joanne and Brent JAEGAR?
You both members of EDDIE EAGLE GUNSAFE?
Earl gonna snap at any time.

Anonymous said...

The reason why EARL RAY TOMBLIN JR. has banned answering machines in his office is because they need "immediate action" in case there's a raid with SWAT!

Anonymous said...

Anybody readin' that
Lt. Governor's MO?
His biography got him down as "sheer personality".
Anybody totin' a rifle AND a gun let's "his triggers " do the talkin'.

Anonymous said...

EARL RAY TOMBLIN JUIOR wanna be like "his DAD",
You stupid , fat fuck.
And he been loved up and DOWN!
(That why?)