Wednesday, September 16, 2009

You Know It Can't End Well When The Rap Group Drives F-150s.

Being the hep cats that we are, we certainly understand the importance of music to any protest movement. Woody Guthrie, Joan Baez, Bob Dylan were the voices of the sixties. More recently, people like Ani Defranco, Neil Young and, perhaps not so much for their music as their statements, the Dixie Chicks provide the soundtrack to the times of our lives.

We get it. Which is why we have absolutely no problem with the ADHD Beckathon in Washington D.C. having musical accompaniment. We're also aware that currently hip hop or rap music is generally thought to be edgy, and maybe a little dangerous and a lot of organizations and movements want to borrow that image for their own specific reasons.

As we said, not a problem for us.

However, we feel we have to object when a bunch of overfed, undereducated racist crackers try to co-opt a style of music that's essentially minority owed and operated--well, except for eminem, but who listens to him? It's not even so much that Fox News is stealing the music. We understand that they know kids like the hip hop and if they hoped to get anyone to their demonstration that didn't have to use a handicapped parking space they were going to have to try and attract the Pepsi generation. Preferably the ones who could spell. Our point is when you try to graft the street aesthetic onto Jerry Springer fans the results are...well, see for yourself:

Stop. Please. Just. Stop.


Anonymous said...

The South is just full of" Mike Churches". They come pretending to make fun of the "Sieg Heils" but in reality, they all are just living for them.
It has to do with the badly educated; the badly brought up; and the badly conceived, literally. And it is no wonder that former President Carter, just today, has made a very blunt and clear statement regarding the Racisim in America, which continues to breed more idiots and poverty as we speak.
It is evident that half the politicians are actively supporting these opinions and philosophies that continue to tear our Nation apart.
Whether for money, or for power, or for the pure taste of backwardness because for some, that's what truly makes them "tick", Obama and his Administration must take total control of education, health care and if need be, drastically change "laws" where it is "ok" to openly carry weapons be they AK47's or hatred, just loaded on your back and all-too- ready to be pumped, be it into a Democratic crowd, or a black Democratic President.

Anonymous said...

Just looking at Huffington Post, what can be sicker than "Bury Obamacare with Kennedy"?
Was that "Ted Kennedy" or was that really meant to be "JFK"?
Fox News is pushing this "agenda"?

Seeing Eye Chick said...

Are we sure that the Rappers weren't pulling a fast one? I mean who in their right mind would pick Coultergeist's boney ass over Bill? Who? If I were looking for some girl candy to make me switch, she wouldnt even make the D-list. More Hummers Less Hybrids? Why? Other than taking up two fucking parking spaces like the Circus Fat Lady on a plane, and leaving paint chips imbedded in drive thrus, what purpose does the hummer serve other than to ooze beligerence just by existing?

You know there were Jews that served as Guards in the Nazi Concentration Camps. To me this could well be a form of that.

YogaforCynics said...

Let's not forget that rock n' roll started out minority owned and operated as well...and need I mention that it's been co-opted by white wing racists more times that I'd wanna count? I was actually wondering how long before they'd do the same with hip-hop...

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it Mick Jagger that narrowly escaped from some Hell's Angels instigated brawl in California years ago who were acting as "security" during a concert? He had no idea how volatile the scenario was
Let's face it, we can all like the song "Daniel" by Elton John. It may have started out to be about a Viet Nam Vet who lost his eyesight and went to Spain, and it ended up just being about brothers who parted ways, but all the right wingers will probably say it is about a gay guy's lover.
It all depends who is manipulating the crowd and all the hate in between.

skyewriter said...

That linked picture about "descent" was absafrickinlutely hysterical. As an Englo-phile I greatly appreciate the irony of the illiterati who protest against those edumacated, elitist, snob, people types with misspelled signs, incomplete sentences, and general nonsense.

They are morons fresh for the picking when it comes to not reading and thinking for oneself.

"Just tells me wut to write and I'll writes it."

scripto said...

To be fair we white folk have our hip-hop. It's called square dancing.

Anonymous said...

It is important to mention Max Blumenthal's
"The Nation" story on "Nightmare of Christianity".
It presents a very strong image of what extreme right Republicans do do, be they politicians, psychotherapists, or pentacostal misfits.
This is not to be missed. It answers many questions and begs further exposure.