Thursday, September 10, 2009

In Which Ironicus Must Once Again Explain It All

OK everyone has their whities all tightie because Joe Wilson called the president a liar.

Come on people, work with us here. These are republicans. We're lucky they didn't show up to the speech with AK 47s slung over their shoulders and misspelled protest signs to wave around. What did you think, that they would sagely rub their chins and nod as the president spoke?

Have you been near a tee vee in the last month at all?

Look, the whole point of the republican party is to make enough noise and create enough distractions that the democrats collapse like they always do, then we can go back to ragging on the homos and aborters the way god intended.

Let's get with the program here folks. Don't make us have to explain this to you again.


Anonymous said...

Looks like she already "gave away" her daughter's future.
(does she work with the Greyhound Racetracks per chance?)

Anonymous said...

Well looky there!
Man in USA bandana with "Cardinals " t-shirt (bird brains?) is jazzed for Democrats to "Get a Brain, Morons! "
Is that like in :
"Peep! Peep!" ?

Anonymous said...

The real explanation is right after all that inane outburst and false accusation, the GOP just lost another for a Democrat.
When will these idiots ever learn.
With all the spankings, airport stalls and hissy fits, it's ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

If they "start ragging on the homos" there won't be a GOP left.